Desire inflatable butt plug

Hi I'm new to this however purchased the desire inflatable butt plug recently not had time to use it in my OH yet but wondering if there were any tips in how to insert it without hurting him we currently don't have anything smaller other than fingers so just after a bit if advice for tonight so don't hurt or make him uncomfortable thanks

I'm not sure which plug you mean as I can't find a desire inflatable plug, but the advice is the same regardless. Basics first: with inflatable plugs, inflate after insertion, and deflate prior to removal.

If your only other bum insertible is fingers, then I would warming up that way first - fingers come in different sizes and can also be multiple in quantity, so there's your starter, but before you even get there, make sure plenty of lube is used - both on the butt and also on whatever is being inserted. Go slowly, I sometimes find i need a gentle thrusting in order to insert something, I think it's also normal to feel a little disomfort at first, but that soon diminishes. Persistence is also a good approach - sometimes I'm just not relaxed enough and have to try again later - but listen to each other and if it is proper painful then stop!!

My mistake incorrect name of toy this is it

Thanks for the info reallyy helpful just don't think the plug will go in him straight away without some warm up so to speak

Yeah that’s not gonna fit very easily, not for a little while. Maybe if he could comfortably take three fingers.

I have one of these and, surprisingly, it fits easier than it looks as if it should.

With lubrication it slides in relatively easily and can then be gently inflated as you wish.

This not only feels good but also secures the plug in place.

The vibrations are strong but, the more you inflate the plug the less you feel the vibrations as you are effectively moving your internal walls away from the vibrator.

I find this toy very effective nevertheless to the extent that I bought a second one as a spare in case the first one fails.