Dirty Night Advice

Planning a filthy night on Saturday with the other half. Suggestions on how to make it memorable please.

Don't go down the sensual route, we want rampant screaming down the house action!

Tell you what works for us. If you can,several times during the day masturbate each other to the point of orgasm, then stop; and do it several times each session. As soon as your partner feels they are about to go over the edge they have to tell you to stop. Wait no more than 5 or 6 seconds then carry on to the next scream of "stop!"

By the time evening comes you'll be more than ready to go completely nutso! As to what you do during the evening, we're great believers in white underwear, copious amounts of whatever is your poison and inventive use of furniture.

We also each write down actions and scenarios on bits of paper, screw them up and put them in a bowl. Take turns to pick out a piece of paper and follow the instructions.

Multiple wanks stopping short of coming always guarantee me coming bucketfuls!! hyperbole of course but really does increase the eventual load !!


You wanker Tallboy!! LMAO!!

My suggestion is to do 3 things you have never done before.

If you need suggestions...then:

1 - Lick each others asses out and push ur tongue in ass far as u can....and then make ur partner suck your tongue!

(Me and my girlfriend did that today....loved it!)

2 - Experiment with ice cubes....an ice cube on the clit and in ice cube in the ass are both great feelings!

3 - When your partner cums, let it be on ur tits or on your face... ask him to lick it off and then suck the cum off his tongue!

(Again...me and my girlfriend did this today too! So kinky i loved it and she had a big smile on her face!)

If you need any more ideas then I'm sure there's enough dirty minds in here to think of them!

Hope this is kind of what you were looking for!

Guilty as charged Mr and Mrs Naughty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!