Dirty weekend

@Horny44 something I’ve done in the past before a naughty night away with the OH is a bit of dirty talk during sex in the few days/ weeks leading up to our time away. Telling her what I want to do whilst I have her all to myself with no kids around.

That seems to go down well with my OH and it’s something she does in return as well.

Builds up the anticipation but could also be a good point to suggest new stuff.


Thanks that’s something I can see working and I think we both enjoyed more dirty talk over the weekend. I hope to continue along that lines not just on the times away as I think it turns us both on and hopefully helps give us license to be more frank about our desires.

We e finally set a date for our weekend away with our two lady friends we’re having one room and Jen and Christine in the other but we plan on using only one room for most of it

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@mrssaffa sounds great - what are the names of the apps you’ve used in the past

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@rd The one we use is called Spicer. :slight_smile:

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Myself and OH have one planned next month with our our trans friend and OH friend from school days