Disappointed in the Doxy Die Cast

I went for “the most powerful” as an upgrade from a small no name wand I got a few years ago, assuming that this would ALWAYS drag an orgasm out of me, but despite the fact that it is super powerful, the head is way too broad for me, and the thing gets super hot before I get a chance to O.

Super disappointed as I really had high hopes for this.

Has anyone used the happiness guarantee LoveHoney do? I keep trying this one but last night I actually picked up my old cheap wand instead. Am I more likely to be successful in getting a refund if I return it sooner, or if I give it a couple of weeks and try it some more?

Also, is there a wand out there that you would recommend? My perfect wish list is:

Medium size head
Angled rather than straight
Rechargable (but ideally able to be used plugged in as well)
Makes me a cuppa afterwards! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve used the happiness promise before. I don’t think it will make any difference if you ask now or wait a couple of weeks. They’ve been really good when I’ve used it. As long as you can give a reason why it’s not for you, which you’ve already explained here, I think you’ll be fine.

As for wand suggestions, I only have one wand that I use for massage and don’t like strong vibrations for sex so I can’t help you there.

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I’ve had a womanizer before, and while it took a long time to get aligned it did work, but it was SO LOUD, and not just a constant hum of a wand but kinda sloppy and loud and it often put me off.

Ive tried a fair few wands (including the Doxy Die Cast) and my top recommendation would be the Mantric Wand. Really deep, penetrating vibes, good shape to use. Fits almost all your criterior… though you might have to have made a thermos of tea before you start.

I’ve never actually used the Happiness Promise but from what people have said on here it’s pretty straight forward, you have a good reason. There’s only one toy I wish I had used it with, unfortunately, that was bought as a gift and by the time I gave it to him I was way outside the time frame! :woman_facepalming:t2:


I love my Mantric wand, same as @Peitho. It’s my go to toy 95% of the time.

I’ve used the LH Happiness promise before with no issues at all.


We feel your pain! We had a Lovehoney wand. It lasted years but eventually we wore it out. We thought we would try spending a bit more and bought a doxy given its rave review. Huge disappointment. The power is hard to control with the buttons compared to the LH dial and the high power is somehow too buzzy. We were fast returning to a LH wand before we met the womanizer. Note: mr broom still heading back to a LH wand for male stimulation. He’s found nothing better.

I highly recommend this one. It’s powerful with being light weight with a lovely curve. It’s rechargeable and the battery life lasts a long time. The reviews speak for itself.

Sorry to hear this. We love our Doxy. It overheating doesn’t sound right though?

I don’t know if it’s even overheating, but it does get very warm. I like using a toy bundled in the blankets though - no porn star angles for my hubby (sadly for him!). Might be nice in the winter!

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The doxy 3 didn’t do it for me either. I was disappointed and thought it would grow on me but I was wrong. I wish I returned it.