Discreet toys for quiet orgasms at work...

Hi LH friends!

I have quite a collection of sex toys including some subtle looking pleasure givers... but nothing that is quiet! I get horny during the day, and I want something I can use when I want to reach orgasm quickly and quietly.

I tried Love Eggs, but the first pair I bought were really noisy! The second were much better, but I have to remove them whenever I want to pee. So not ideal for work as I have to take them out!

I want something to give me a nice, arousing feeling that isn't noisy or obvious... any suggestions?

We-Vibe tango!

Thanks Sxleksaker, I hadn't heard of that one before, just looked it up! I like the fact it's in disguise as a lipstick, I could keep it in my handbag, and it's apparently v quiet too! Perfect! It's a bit pricy, but probably because its rechargeable 😁

It's the best bullet vibrator on the market to! Super powerful and rumbly and at the same time very quiet and discrete πŸ˜„

Sounds perfect! Does it feel rigid? That's the only thing; I like a softer feel like silicone; what do you think to the material?

Sorry, I'm practically asking you write a review! It looks fab and I have some OH! Points so I might save them for this!

It's very rigid, however, We-Vibe also have the Touch which is softer and made from silicone! It's basically the same thing as the Tango, it's just softer :)


That looks great! The design and material look great and it's also very quiet according to the reviews. I've not tried any of the we-vibe products yet so I'm excited about trying one!

Thanks for the tips! 😁

What about the desire bullet? My phone isn't wanting to link (sorry.)go to the homepage and you'll cone accross the Desire ranfe πŸ˜„

However awesome recomendation by sxlecksaker too πŸ˜„ both great products xx

Thanks slinky binky - I love the silicone, and the fact its rechargeable too - and looks subtle enough to go in my handbag! I'll take a closer look, thanks both for the tips!

Pleasure hunni, I reckon whichever one you go for you'll be very much impressed πŸ˜„ the desire also comes with a storage bag which is always a bonousπŸ‘Œ

Let us know what you go for hunni, im sure you'll not be disappointed by eitherπŸ˜™πŸ’—xx

Yey I'm excited to try them out! Once my OH points have updated I might use them towards one of them 😁😁

If you are trying,please say which on of these works best for quiet and power. My walls are pretty thin, so can only use my vibs when theres no one around (which isn't that often), and my sex drice is getting why he high for a once every couple of days play. :P x

Your fingers are silent, don't they work for you ?

Ever thought of wearing a butt plug?

Remember that this could cause people to lose their job. For this reason, I personally am not happy to suggest toys for use in this manner. Sorry

I have to agree with Leanne. I'm not sure how you'd manage to fit in a 'play' during work I'm lucky if I get chance to go for a pee.

Fingers get tired now me, I'd love a quiet bullet for play while watching SW, now is that wrong.

Lovehoney - Leanne wrote:

Remember that this could cause people to lose their job. For this reason, I personally am not happy to suggest toys for use in this manner. Sorry

Agreed I'd never even think of this when I was working, work was work too busy to even think of sex.

Want to help but need a little more info. How do you orgasm best / quickest. Clitoris or vagina?

As you tried using eggs my assumption is vaginal. Don't forget it will always sound louder to you internally due to the vibration within your body.

Bullets are great but finger vibes might be good too.