DIY an idea to pursue?????

OK i'll preface this by saying i'm no electronics whizz so this may be a daft idea.

When i was scrolling through youtube i stumbled across a couple of vids that showed how guys had made what they term 'bass shakers / tactile transducers. I gather that they want to either use them as part of a gaming set up to feel the vibrations through a chair, or for home cinema to shake a sofa presumably during action films.

Anyway,,,,,,,it got me wondering whether anyone has already played with these in a kinkier way? ie/ as the basis for some home style vibration seat, with the vibes travelling up a dildo of perhaps better a dildo set within a silicone base either side for some clitoral stim. looking at a cple of vids the power of these things in terms of moving heavy solid objects seems pretty good, maybe too good and it could be that there lies a flaw? that the vibrations would need to be insulated from the structure of the seat ( thinking sybian style seat for example). the vibrations are caused by the low frequencies generated from either music or sine wave of course you could tailor that by program or play a random selection of tunes.

here's a link to the effects of one rather than the method to make it.
you can skip the 1st 30 secs or so til the guy turns it on.....

so good people.......thoughts, ideas? happy to be shot down in flames, or better enlightened :-)

i'm sure there's either an electronics guru who can shed some light???????
chrs M

Well OK I have no idea about using them as a sex toy lol but a club local to work (Fabric in London) uses a few hundred transducers underneath the dancefloor - they are tuned to the frequency of the human body making people literally into speakers, the more people on the floor the louder the music is and it sounds awesome when its packed.

Anyway, now I read a long time ago about a certain frequency that is at least supposed to arouse a woman, I have tried googling it since and not found anything concrete.

The two combined could make for an interesting proposition..

TT i remember the Howard Stern bio film, one of teh outrageous things he did was to get a woman on air straddling a speaker and then pumped a frequency out so that she orgasmed ( well before he did the live links/podcasts with the sybians )........

i have posted teh question on Fet as well in case there's a clever kinkster who has done this already. I have a few unused speakers and dildos that i'm happy to hack in the name of science, but before i do wanted to research as best i could.

Looks like it could be fun :)

I wouldn't know where to start but sounds like a fun invention. You may want to make it waterproof though, Just a thought. Let us know how your get on :) x

err def will have to be waterproof, as JJ has just managed to soak through 2 towels tonight!

Have had a few replies on Fet about viability.....will grab some tools and have a see what gives!!

i would happily straddal a speaker :D

ha ha rd I have a sound generator program.........straddle away at around 33hz...........

Heatseekher wrote:

ha ha rd I have a sound generator program.........straddle away at around 33hz...........

could you make me a bed that pulced like a heart using soundwaves please :D

sorry i cant offer any advice on your invention but it sounds amazing.

actually rd that's not a tall order.......the stuff to make a bed do that is available off teh shelf - albeit designed for other purposes!