Do Fleshlight Stamina Training Units Feel Very Realistic?

Hi All

I received my Mocha (colour of insert) Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit just the day after I purchased it which is Fantastic because I never receive items via first class recorded delivery the very next day LoveHoney must have fingers in pies which is great for us their customers. Unfortunately I was helpping my grandma with food shopping when my parcel arrived so my grandad accepted the parcel luckily it was light as a feather and the parcel was not that big like I expected.

As soon as my grandparents left home for a few hours I opened up the parcel pulled out the STU Fleshlight which was in a sealed bag with two small sachets of ID Slide lube in, I have to say that the Fleshlight looks like old fashioned torches quite bulky but needs to be as it makes it sturdier when thrusting. The Mocha gel like vagina speed bump insert that comes with the STU Fleshlight feels softer and great when playing with it in my hands and when inserting my penis inside which is much easier then UR3 rubber which is very over rated! The gel like insert is like a pay as you go tariff as all you need to do is lube up, stick your penis inside and away you go.

When I first used it in the bathroom in a sitting down position I was lost for words (the guys here would say 1984Virgin lost for words wow that is a first, which is true!) that is how amazing it is I even orgasmed without cumming, it feels almost like real skin, if this is the closest us men ever get to the real thing I can not wait to try the real thing! All I need now is a pair of breasts to feel up lol. I tested the different suctions by turning the bottom bit and it does work really well, on the quietness side of things it is really good but you get a slight sucking noise if you leave the bottom bit off I found but not as noisy as the Doc Johnson Briana Banks Vibrating UR3 Pussy & Ass that’s for sure which is great and I also found it made a slight clonking noise (plastic ring inside to keep the insert from pushing in) only because I was thrusting to hard in my bedroom as I put my STU Fleshlight between my mattress as it was the right height and of course hands free. I would advise to use plenty of lube only because the Gel type insert needs it to cover the length of your penis.

I truly regret that I bought the Doc Johnson Briana Banks Vibrating UR3 Pussy & Ass but I suppose I wanted it because it was advertised as the most realistic thing you will ever get to real sex as it had both holes, which is not true at all, Fortunately for me it was faulty (as the vagina hole was Tiny!! and the bum hole well that was a laugh as you could not even put a needle inside it) as I would have never of thought to have bought the Stamina Training Unit as it was my second choice because you can only thrust in one hole at a time and if you want to thrust your penis into a bum hole then you would have to buy a separate insert and put it in, but I have now found out that the hassle is worth it.

I am really going to enjoy this sex toy as it truly is the closet thing to a real vagina and of course there are more inserts to get which I am really looking forward to getting especially the mouth, bum hole and the wonder wave vagina insert as people have rated it as the most realistic feel to a real vagina then the speed bum one that came with the STU Fleshlight. I highly recommend this to all men.

I have a few questions to ask about the inserts for the Stamina Training Unit here they are:

Are all the Fleshlight inserts, for the stamina training unit apart from the larger canal diameter ones? Or can you use Original Fleshlight inserts, is there in fact a difference?

What insert would you advise me to buy next?

How tight is the Super and Ultra tight inserts?

How do you dry your inserts? because I found that the hole through the insert is hard to open and dry as it is small, I know it is stretchy but wont that ruin the tightness of it?

Please feel free to post your own experiences of your STU Fleshlights or even your Original Fleshlights on here as they are similar in a way to let all men know that the Fleshlights are like the real thing and feels like real skin.

Many Thanks for reading this and Many Thanks to the people who reply to it.

I hope you all continue to enjoy using your Fleshlights, like I definitely will.

Kind Regards,


Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but where can I get corn startch from? do I just get it from the super markets?

I think you will find cornflour is more or less the same stuff.

Hi Bubblemagic

Nice to see you are still with us;-) I did not get rid of you that quickly then lol! thanks for the nice post on the other thread of mine very much appreciated, will reply to it tomorrow. corn flour sounds a bit to drastic to me because it might make the insert to silky? and so I could injure myself if I do not aim right and slip off maybe it is a good thing that I have a head on my penis that might act as a helmet lol!

But what you are saying is that I can buy corn starch from a super market?

Thank you for the good suggestion anyway Bubblemagic keep them coming please. Sorry I have another question everybody can I use condoms with my STU Fleshlight?

Cornflour is cornstarch. In the U.K it's cornflour and in the U.S.A it's cornstarch, exactly the same product, just the language that's different i.e courgette and zucchini, aubergene and egg plant.

Oops lol Cornflour is cornstarch, why are American words so complicated?!
:-( I went onto the Fleshlight American forum and they said I could use baby powder as well if the insert goes sticky after washing it. I used my Fleshlight last night and I lasted a good 30 mins cant be bad hu;-)