Do most We-Vibe toys use the same type of motors?

I recently got the Verge vibrating cock ring from We-Vibe.

I instantly knew my wife would love the vibes from it, really low, deep and rumbly, yet soft, on lower speeds, and after trying it with her last night it didnt disappoint, she absolutely loved it and was grinding against it like a woman possessed!

So the question is…
Are their other vibes as low and rumbly?

Looking mostly at rabbit (Nova) and bullet (Tango I assume? Perhaps the Touch X?).

Any advice from you all lovely people?


Yes, from the ones I have come across (and that is quite a lot), the vibration is the same rumbly vibration across the range. Certainly the Tango and the Touch are renowned for their rumbly-ness


Not got the ones you mention but we do have some other We-Vibe products and they all go to a low rumbly vibe.
This is why we like them so much.


Thank you both, that’s very helpful.

Clearly, my wife is converted. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I quite like the look of the Tango X, the stepped speed seem like the things she will like as she doesn’t stand intense clit stimulation. 8 speeds from low to intense promises to let her find the right spot for her… in theory.

I’ll look forward to see of anyone else has any recommendations.

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Which do you have?
How does it work for her?

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We have never tried the we vibe brand but sounds good. My wife loves vibrating cock rings. She likes soft feel ones not hard plastic. Our current one has constant rumble power 1, power 2 then power 3.

I normally start wearing it on power 2. Then for her next orgasm knock it down to power 1.

Then if in a position when I’m inside but also rubbing her clit and if it’s hear her bum I knock it up to power 3 which she likes. She doesn’t like any of the stop start vibrating modes.

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My wife isn’t really multi orgasmic, after coming she’ll want me to finish shortly and stop it all.

We do love cock rings though, so far the Tenga one and the we vibe one have been the best… though the we vive verge has required som experimentation fit wise. It’s a wide, firm ring designed to go around cock and balls, but it has a strong angle forward angle, making perfect for missionary and cowgirl and obtrusive for anything else, and once around cock and balls cant be removed mid play if you’re hard.

So i use a round silicone ring to hold it in place on my cock only. That way, it stays in place, it’s easy to remove, and in theory should work in her favourite face down/arse up position…

More experimentation required!!!

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Vibe Ring and also the Rave.
She loves them.


The We-Vibe Tango lipstick vibrator

We-Vibe Tango Lipstick Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator - Lovehoney UK

Has exactly the vibrations you are describing. My wife loves slow rumbly but powerful vibrations and that is just what this provides. Expensive but worth every penny.


Yep I’d think the motors are one of the we-vibe selling points so would expect they have them in all their toys :slightly_smiling_face: