Do you know how much your OH wanks?

Alex wanks quite a lot.... I leave for work an hour or two before him, so he'll have his morning wank at somepoint then. Sometimes he wanks when we're just watching tv at night, or when we're in bed and it's really late or I'm all sexed out and don't have the energy for anything more myself, I just cuddle up to him whilst he tosses himself off (and give him a helping hand if I'm not too sleepy!).

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on average a guy could wank on a regular basis of 2-3 times a day, this is a normal healthy guy with a decent sexual appitie

Can I just say that if this is normal, I'm glad I'm not. Sounds exhausting, and I don't know how I'd ever get anything done!

I agree shaftmaster but sex isnt my whole life. I still can three times in a day but not every day

I can honestly say that while my girlfriend is with me, i never do.

I could do it for you.... ;)

No, you WILL do it for me :P

that plus extra plans is what i have ;)

I'm guessing every other day lol xx

Don't know, never have known, don't care!

No idea how much she does it, I know since we moved in together I have wanked a lot less and unfortunatly not because we are having much more sex.

I probably get time to knock one out once a week if that, she would probably think its more but I just dont get the time.

I’m guessing my wife 1 to 2 times a week. I’ll ask or ask her to let me know when she’s had some me time.

I’m 3 to 4 times a week then hopefully have sex with her 2 to 3 times a week and occasional BJ and swallow from her.

I never wank in the shower as don’t like it that much and like to have proper toy sessions.

I hardly ever wank or have sex in the morning as just don’t feel it as much and actually seems like hard work.

So mid morning onwards for me a few hours after waking up. After a workout is good.


I know exactly how often my wife masturbates as she always wants me to watch.
She has a least one orgasm every day and on the days when we are alone (3 or 4 times a week) she has 3 or 4 orgasms, most of which are from masturbation but 2 or 3 of them each week are from me using a toy on her.
None of her orgasms are from any sort of penetrative sex.

I am allowed to masturbate whenever she gives permission (most days) but I’m rarely allowed to come so my masturbation sessions tend to last a long time.

I do and have talked about it plenty of times as we both liked to masturbate a lot. Up until a couple of years ago he needed to wank most days, but since a few months after going on some medication back then he hasn’t being getting any feeling to do it at all. Now, with regular PIV, he has been going months without needing to wank.

I’ve been doing it 2-5 times a week on average since I started and I he knows I like to do it. He loves hearing about when I have done it also so I will normally let him know.

I know exactly how many times my OH wanks off cos he tells me and I tell him when I have a solo session. We are very open and Frank about wanking, we even wank off in front of each other which is so sexy

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I’ve asked her plenty of times before and she’s always said that she really likes to masturbate herself and it’s normally a daily thing for her. We’ve been together almost 10 years since we were both 19 and she was already doing it regularly then. She’s happy to let me watch now and I hear her now and again in the shower which is the biggest turn on for me.

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I am sure my OH knows that I masturbate, but probably doesn’t have a clue how often.

I do know that the OH doesn’t masturbate half as much as I do, solo sessions for her are fairly rare.

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I’m kinda guessing my OH as no idea how often i wank, and if im honest ive no idea how often she masturbates either

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I don’t really know how much he does or when he does as we still both live with parents. He tells me he used to do it more but now its about 3 times a week.

My wife has this sixth sense when I’ve masturbated. She knows I did it quite a lot and she’s fine with it.

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My husband doesn’t. At all. And why would he? With multiple female partners there’s not much reason. And he knows he can get inside me whenever and I’m happy to dispose of extra cum. My female partners do it to varying degrees, and its no secret.

I know my OH masterbates every time I work nights because she tells me, I sometimes do 4 nights in a row so her pussy gets some good attention. She knows I wank but probably not as many often as I do which is 4 to 5 times a week.