Do you know how much your OH wanks?

I know my husband has cut down a little since we moved in together but used to wank a lot, i'm glad hes doing it a little less often now as there is more for me!. Some girlfriends I talked to didn't have a clue how much their fellas and werent that open with there partner. Do you know what your partner does?

Nope, does he know how much I wank? Probably not... and he probably expects less than it is in most cases ;)

apparantly not very often...less now he has met me....l

He now thinks I have lost the plot by asking him how often he wanks lol

I have to say I possibly wank more than he does.....

I think we have switched round too!

He's gone from like every day to about 2 a week.

And I'm about 3/4 times from probably once a week.

My OH does it a couple of times a week at most.

I, on the other hand, would happily do it at least once a day, more if i'm stressed out (and you can tell by the amount of batteries for recycling!)

My wife knows I do it a lot when away from home and never when at home

Probably every day, and often tells me he is going up for one.


well we usually have sex a couple of times over the weekend when we spend proper time together and he has a wank about once during the week when we don't see each other so much.

he doesn't usually tell me when he has done it but when we spend time together over the weekend i often ask if he's given himself some sexy attention!

I suspect she thinks I wank once or twice a week... It's probably more like once or twice a day most days.

I always tell my oh when I have had some "me time" which isn't very often at all, I only do it when she is out & when I say to her I've had some "me time" it usually gets the response, "I supose you've had a wank" I don't know whether she approves or not of me doing it, I don't think it should be considered a problem though as I always have time for her, I love sex, but only usually have it at the weekends as we both don't like to feel tired the next day.

He would never tell me that. When I ask him, he acts like I am asking him about the biggest secret of CIA, FBI or something and if he tells me, he would have to kill me. Frankly, I don't like that. Not the wanking, the hiding.

I have always been very liberal, also I have always told him the truth about everything and that's all I am asking in return. And I never get it. For example, I often find hidden empty alcohol bottles. But that's for another topic.

All this hiding and lying actually hurts my feelings.

Once in a blue moon if we have had a bad argument! I badger him for sex so much he never gets chance >:)


In fairness, no I don't know! Think I'll ask later. Not that I mind of course

Ladies I think the most important question is not how much but what he actually thinks about while doing it.

Hah! Think if I was dating someone unable to dump their cache or use some form of in-private browsing, I'd ditch them on principle, regardless of what was stored! ^_^

Curious one......I cannot cum thinking about any one except my wife, although I have been unfaithful and am not proud of that, its just the way I am.

as much as as i can as i am o am somgle at tje ,p,emt, ,modt porm turns me on

Mamanda wrote:

bucksboy wrote:

as much as as i can as i am o am somgle at tje ,p,emt, ,modt porm turns me on


I think sombody's a bit tipsy!!


CuriousOne wrote:

LADIES LADIES LADIES....Your fella will 9/10 cases have a wank at least once a day, usually in the morning in the shower with nice slippery suds or during a break when hes alone at home chilling out...on average a guy could wank on a regular basis of 2-3 times a day, this is a normal healthy guy with a decent sexual appitie

if they were wanking on youporn or something like that and forget to close sure another wank is not far behind when they realise they left it open "OH LOOK LOL I FORGOT TO CLOSE IT,,,what did i last look at,,,,HOHO BABY" and bams your uncle, hes having another one....

What you need to be asking yourselves is WHAT is he wanking over, most would think it goes as far as will be surprised how boring that gets and how the mind opens up to seeing other crazy shit like BBW porn Anal, Fisting, massive toys, some can even get crazy and move onto watching a guy do stuff to themselves for them to also preform on themselves for ideas.....

Hopefully you gals are a bit more up to date with MAN :D

also, any of you girls wanting to sliding one into their mans butts but to worried he will be put off, dont, wet your finger and just tickle the hole, never go in, eventually he will be BANG on it...but of course whilst distracting him with a blowy :D just break them into it by showing them their are nice feelings from that area ;)

I would get slapped if I went near my OH's bum!!!

CuriousOne wrote:

on average a guy could wank on a regular basis of 2-3 times a day, this is a normal healthy guy with a decent sexual appitie

Can I just say that if this is normal, I'm glad I'm not. Sounds exhausting, and I don't know how I'd ever get anything done!