Do you sometimes wish you hadn't cum so soon.

Occasionally I wish I'd not cum yet ,do others wish the sex had gone on longer and the orgasm is to final.

Yep... I agree..long foreplay... teasing and just bringing you to the brink but not actually orgasm...

then actual full on hard sex .. well it is ithe the big finale .... great when that happens

As Cheryle says

Sometimes if am enjoying clot play and I come really quickly I can feel frustrated as I am too sensitive for a little while so have to stop...

Quite often.

No...because I'm lucky in so much as I can orgasm as many times as my oh wants to make me :) xx

some times to much playing and its over . oh can keep on going like a rabbit some times then she says she cant take any more and is lying there unable to move her legs just as im ready to go agian!

The reasons for short sexual endurance could be following:

1) Fears to lose erection – therefore you are doing everything fast and your excitement rises quickly. Calm down and regulate the intensity of your movements. Additional factor could be the condoms and your desire to maintain good erection (with condom), which sometimes could be real issue if condom is too large or too thick and you can't get good/smooth stimulation. Try condoms which fit really good on you and are thin or ultra thin.

2) Anxious mind – you want to have sex, but at the same time you unconsciously want to last it only a short time, so that you can return to the unresolved problems, which have occupied your mind.

3) Anatomy of this particular girl - you maybe get too much stimulation even from regular positions with her (from which you usually got normal stimulation). Try another positions.

4) You allowed the girl to determine the speed of sex and you just followed, but your excitement grows uncontrollably. In this case you have to take the leading role back and choose the speed of sex, which is comfortable for you.

5) The location. Analyze, where do you have sex. Is it a place where you are rather isolated from other people, or where someone suddenly/accidentally can catch or see you. By example, my excitement always grows faster if it is a sex with some public elements.

You can train your sexual endurance - masturbate for approximately 30 minutes and then finish, even while watching porn.