Do You Use Lube Regularly?

Yesterday, Nicole posted the following blog: Lube Users Have Better Sex: FACT. At Lovehoney we're great believers in lube making every sexual experience so much better and slicker - it being an aid to arousal in every way and essential for some sex acts.

However, someone tweeted to us:

I think Lube is only used if u r not naturally turned on or if going up somewhere that doesn't naturally lubricate - eek!

What do you think? Do you use lube regularly? Or do you think it's an admission of failure - that you're not turned on enough?

I'm 45. The only thing it's an admission of is normality.

Never really needed lube for sex .. or anal - only used it when using toys.. which is a rare thing these days.

i use lube regularily and am constantly restocking - fear of running out ! lol

I use a lot of lube, mainly when using clitoral vibrators but I only use it vaginally if I'm using a bigger toy. I don't think it's an admission of failure at all! Lube just provides extra lubrication and makes everything run smoothly :)

we love the flavoured lubes :)

use lube when using toys or anal

I use lube to give a massage.

Only really use it for anal don't usually need it for anything else but i think when it comes to sex as far as penetration goes the wetter the better and if lube helps go for it. Makes the whole experience more enjoyable :)

I use it most of the time now. It helps a bit.

We don't always use lube.

We sometimes use it when i'm dry, for some reason my contraceptive implant decides whether im to be lubricated or not, lol.

But we obviously use it for anal, but that's not very often.

But we always keep some about handy ;)


I always wonder if we use lube out of convenience/laziness sometimes as when we're both really busy we simply don't have the time for endless foreplay.

For anal it's essential!

not as often as I would like

always use it when masturbating, and using toys. I dont understand how you can't!

I saw a person today use a toy without any lube. It just went straight in! Incredible. I have no idea how they managed to do that, or how comfortabke it would have been. I always go with this rule... Lube twice is nice :)

Yes we use lube all the time. With toys (especially for pegging) we use a combination of Liquid Silk and Pjur Original which gives the slickness of the Liquid Silk and the staying power of the silicone. For regular sex we use a very small amount of Pjur Woman which is a fairly thin silicone that gives a quite natural feel.

Just for the record we are in our late 50s so you might expect lube would be an essential which it's not. However, it certainly makes things feel significantly better.

It's an essential for us, not sure if it's the breastfeeding, or my implant, or both, but I almost always need it due to not being lubricated enough myself.

We use lube for anal and for toys

Bit unfair to say you use lube if you arnt turned on. We started using lube when my OH was going through the menopause and she would start really wet then suddenly dry up, however in recent months things have got better. Seems the solution is her giving me oral (not to climax) for a while gets her juices flowing ...who am I to complain and it is only to increase her pleasure ...HONEST...or maybe she has just got used to the fact she no longer has periods and her hubby still wants to make love to her...I don´t know. mainly in the mind though I think

So far never needed it. Always very well naturally lubed, but of course if you need it then use it if it helps.

I'm 23 and myself and my OH (22) use it lots, he's very well endowned and it just helps the smoothness. It's a must for anal though!