Do you use your phone to check texts facebook etc or make calls during sex?

For us personally, mobiles are a big no no in the bedroom. We always make sure they are on silent so that there are no interruptions! Just curious to see what others think.

I am probably one of the 0.001% of the population that doesn't own one . Not technically true I do own one but my Mrs has it 100% of the time .I hate the things.

But yes I agree they are a nuisance as is the land line which is also unplugged. Nothing worse than getting a call about PPI in an intimate moment .

I am with you on this one.

Fortunately neither my partner or I are sheep that feel the need to have a mobile phone in our hand 24 hours day. Facebook is a tool, not somthing you should be so actively addicted to it dictates your actions in the bedroom.

If I was with a woman who checked her phone during sex even once, she would be single the next day.

No but we don’t turn them off. Just ignore notifications until afterwards

Phones off before during and after sex. You can't multitask and have great sex. And anyone who says they can is not looking after their partner properly.

Yeah I agree. No distractions or interruptions. Phone and Facebook can wait.

Our phones are either off or on silent and out of the way during sex. Sex with my OH is WAAAAAYYYY more important than FB!

God, definitely not..... I'd have been gutted if my OH was on Facebook while we were making love.... Taking an emergency call perhaps, especially if it rang twice etc, but Facebook or texting..... no way.

Eeek no. Phones should definitely not be answered/used during sex. I would be pretty gutted if a guy whacked out his phone mid play!

I do know someone who once answered a text message while having sex with their partner (actually mid act). They couldn’t understand why their partner was annoyed......

But for me it’s a big no. Phones need to be on silent, face down or ideally in another room.

Answering or using a mobile phone in any way during sex is a a complete no no . I'd never do it and neither would my OH.

Phone goes on silent and on charge when I’m home. If people want to talk urgently they can phone on the landline, if not then they can wait until tomorrow. Although I am a bit of a Tech head, I don’t link that with being socially bound with it is synonymous and I’d much rather talk on the phone than text, you miss so much communication in a text.

Good grief, absolutely not.

Our landline has the ringer turned off permanently, I screen calls with the answerphone. As for checking your mobile during play, no way. You wouldn't start reading a newspaper or flicking through Teletext mid-coitus, it's the same thing.

The only exception is when I want attention and my OH is on the phone, I have been known to tease him - flashing, rubbing, undressing him, but that's all part of the game :-) .

He had a gf a few years back who would answer her mobile during sex if it was her husband calling, and say she was shopping or whatever! ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

But now, mobiles on, and in the bedroom - never!

I'd never, ever, ever do that. My hubby is a bit of a Facebook addict, but if he dared to do that (thanks God he never did), I'd make him regret it at once. Such a turn down thing!

Whatever act was being performed would be ceased forthwith and it would be a long time until it was done again.

Our phones rarely even make it into the bedroom, let alone answering something during sex.

I would be absolutely livid! I don’t even think there would be any words to even describe my reaction......... They certainly wouldn’t be having any sex for a very longtime and would be sorting themselves out.

I just wouldn’t dream of it and I would have to question if anyone did wherever they are in the right relationship as that is such an intimate time where your partner should completely have your full attention and if they don’t then in my opinion there is a problem.......

No way whats going on in the bedroom is much more important than a text/email etc. Would be well pissed if happened to me

I have done, but only on the instruction of my partner. And vice versa, I've told my partner to pick up the phone while we're "at it". In these instances it was used as part of power play and as a form of restraint. 

But that would be the only instance where I'm ok with it. I would be fuming if someone just picked up the phone mid play without me telling them to. 

The only time I would check mid session is if it lights up and I think it’s possible I may have accidentally called someone!
But we both tend to throw our mobiles away to the other side of the room and ignore them, we also have a kinda rule where we have a bit of a cuddle after and don’t go near our phones until we’ve both showered and dressed.