Do your friends know?

Hi everyone

I was wondering if any of us LH community have friends who know what we say and get up to under the anonymity of our user name.

We have a couple of friends who i am sure use LH to buy their toys and clothes, but I am not sure if they use the forum. However I dont think they have a clue on what we get up to and say on this site, as they would probably look at us as a rather quite couple. However I am slightly guarded as to what I say on some subjects as I think they could work out as to who we are.

Do any other LH members think like this?

My best friend is a member of Lovehoney and writes reviews, but doesn't participate in the forum. I was shy at first about giving her my username, but I trust her and know she won't tell any of our other friends about the forum, although I don't mind them knowing I have a big collection or asking for advice :)

My 2 best friends know all about my LH profile, they know I post and they like to help out when they can with opinions sometimes, they don't know my user name but they think it's pretty cool. Most of my friends know I test every now and then but everyone is cool with it, they think it's weird at times but they said that this is nothing compared to the weird things I do ^_^

Friends? Wassat?

All of my close friends know about LH and know that I review and participate as a member of the community. I've been trying to convince one of my friends to get more active, as I know she'd be a brilliant reviewer and member. She's written a couple, and you better believe I'll keep encouraging!

She's also an excellent photographer, so MOTM might have a new candidate :)

Lol this makes me speculate so much. I've told lots of folk; friends, family and aquaintances about Lovehoney, the products (obviously), the forums (which worries me as i don't tell many personal stuff about my personal business so I'm always thinking they'll know my username after seeing a few posts 🙈🙈 💖xx

I have one friend who knows I shop at LH, has recieved review toys and that I use the forums.

She doesn't know my username or what I post because simply as It's not something that has come up in conversation. I have talked to her about subjects I've also posted about on here but that's more general conversation anyway.

From memory she shops at LH too but I'm unsure if she has ever participated in the forum or not.

I have no friends who know about LH or my participation, only my OH :) I don't see the point in telling them because I like to be "free" to say whatever I want on here anonymously 😉

Quite a few people know I use lovehoney, but I have not said I'm on the forum. I wouldn't want to be recognised, which is why I don't have a picture, although anyone who really knows me would know it was me if they read my posts as I'm unmistakably odd.

I've thought about this before and suggesting the LH forums to our friends. I'd be a bit concerned our female friend the more likely of the two to look would suss out who I am and what I/we get up to.

Not sure she would keep it to herself?

On the other hand her knowing might be fun too. Talking about sex with friends is cool.

I only have one irl friend and he's my ex-boyfriend turned best friend :3 he bought a couple of bits for us from LH when we were together but I don't think he knows I still shop here on my own. I hope he doesn't anyways, same goes for my family, I think they would all be shocked and sad since it's unfortunately a taboo subject :(

I don't really have any friends, so I told all my family instead.

A few people we know, we know use the site but don't think anyone knows we are "here"!

Maybe they are too and we're chatting now.

Only one special friend :)

My wife and I have many and I mean many who know that we write on forum about what we all do together however explicit and providing no names or locations are mentioned they are quite happy and also write when they want to. If people know whats the problem. there's no crime in it!

I have one very close friend who knows I post on here but even she doesn't know my user name !

Two of my close friends know who I am on here and they have profiles too, though it's rare for us to interact on here as they rarely use the forums. And a handful of friends at work know that I use the site and that I'm part of the community but they don't know my name. If they saw my avi they would know it's me but I'm not too fussed. I'm really open, there's not much more I would say on here than I would willingly give in person so it doesn't bother me 👍🏻😊


I think you are a stunning lady, and very brave to show your face on here, and I admire everyone who has the bottle to do that.

No one other than my partner knows i use this site, couple of my friends know iv bought stuff from here but don't know about my profile or forum. I try my best to not give anything away as i would rather people i know not know about it :) not that im embarrassed it's just something i want to keep to myself xx

We've never discussed it with friends, we post too many pics to dare tell anyone!