Does anyone ever do a striptease for their partner? Help please :)

I’m thinking of surprising my hubby next time as bad some child free time or even one evening by doing a striptease.

So where do I begin? What would you wear? Right kind of music? Anyone who does it for their partners or has been on the receiving end fancy sharing some ideas? Any examples of lingerie in plus size would be good too 😊

Thank you

Won’t let me edit but should be next time we have some child free time

I would pick a piece of music that you love, that you really enjoy, the kind you find gets you hot and that you can’t help but want to move to. I would also chose a short song, or maybe run through how you are going to do it so you are comfortable with how long you are going to perform for.

Clothing wise, consider small pieces/layers, to ramp up the anticipation: jewellery, heels, little garter belts, gloves etc, stuff to play with, as well as the more ‘main event’ bits of clothing. More importantly though, whatever you chose to wear, it should be because you feel comfortable in it.

I’m sure your OH will enjoy it whatever, but you will enjoy it too if you feel you look like a complete and total fox. Sorry it is all quite general advice. Best of luck.....that you want to do this for him will no doubt shine through however you do it.

From a male point of view. Don't wear socks (no sexy way to take them off) Don't rush to get get naked (the joy is in the reveal) Generally make sure you're comfortable with it, practice the dance a couple of times. Take a look at scenes from movies for inspiration. Hope it goes well.

An exciting well enjoyed song by both. Something quite slow be nice. I would then have layers. Think thing/G-string. Suspenders. Fishnets. Nice bodice or Basque set. With a lace dressing gown high heels and hair tied up maybe with a hair clip in. Layers mean a way to unwind things also adding potentially a whip/blindfold etc to heat things up more. Increase the sexual tension

I'd recommend thigh high stockings or tights, as when you take them off you get to bend over in front of your hubby and drive him wild! Also, the slower and more intimate you take off your layers, the better! You could also incorporate maybe a fetish or fantasy that he may have (or just leave that for another time!) but I personally like the idea of dressing up for my partner in a burlesque style kind of outfit and just have loads of fun and laughs along the way! Yes make it personal and intimate, but don't get too bogged down - the best sex is when you're both comfortable and enjoying the ride (pun completely intended!)

Thanks all some great ideas. I’ve been wanting this for a while now

But like this also

He also has a thing for mini dresses so I guess I could incorporate those

As a young man I often visited strip joints . Some were way better than others . One of the most common songs of the day that had a nice beat and not too quick . Also , be careful of stripping wearing high heels . It would somewhat destract from romance if you twist your ankle . For me , the red one stands out but the black is also nice . I have no idea if you normally wear makeup , if so really spend the time to highlight your eyes and lips . Amazing how sexy those two things can make you . Have fun and relax .

I have never had the confidence to do this, I just feel silly. If I did, I'd have to be in my best sexy lingerie and stockings though.

Not much advice on strip teasing Fun & Funky, as I am so not brave enough to do it but that second outfit ( it absolutely gorgeous and no doubt you'll look great in it doing your strip tease!!

I really wish I could give you some great advise but the last time I tried for MRS K&C I wore the fireman outfit from LH I out on Genuine-Pony tried to replicate a bit of Magic Mike. It ended up looking like Jim from America Pie. At least it made her laugh.

Grab a pretty little could always get it wet too. Plus there is nothing hotter than waiting for each button to slowly be undone. With a nice bra underneath. Something like a mini skirt maybe so you can give him a little peak when you bend over to accidentally pick something up.

the main thing about any strip tease is confidence. if your confident you can pull anything off. wear something you feel amazing in. treat yourself to new underwear. I can guarantee what ever you do your oh will be extremely excited. remember to tease and be naughty. my oh was watching tv once and forgot to get something from the car so when he went i quickly got my best school girl outfit on and glasses and waited for him behind the door. when he walked in I stood there in my huge heels, short skirt and unbuttoned shirt revealing my sexiest bra. he was literally gobsmaked. I grabbed him and threw him against the door and went down on him. He literally blew his load so quickly I didn't even need to strip tease the excitement of me being dressed up and surprising him was enough. Take control and be confident

Not since the noughties. But I might give it a go again. There are helpful tips here

My OH has agreed to this but I haven't taken up the offer yet..........

Hey Fun&Funky, go for it, let yourself go and enjoy!! 😉 😉

Depending on your mood, use your outfits to suit it, wear accessories like gloves, collar/choker even a sexy mysterious eye mask, Lovehoneys have some really nice ones, a nice bolero type top is great for a lady to use, a skirt that unzips, and stockings and suspenders, have a lot to take off so you can really put a nice show on 😉

Music wise, again suit the mood, I strip from leather outfits so it’s pretty full on and use a great extended mix of Blondie’s Atomic. For a more sensual, personal strip show I can recommend a song by Oran Juice Jones called Walking In The Rain , a nice, slow and sexy tune that is! 😉

Good luck, hope you both enjoy x

Thanks all, I’m hoping to organize if for soon just need to decide if you do it when they kids are out out or just go for it one night! Loving the jdeas - does make me laugh about the heels. That could be me x

Oh, and be careful about anything that you'd need to take off over your head ![](upload://JDvwB4BqTlXmc0TRZyEqziKCrM.gif) can be very awkward and a little bit of a show killer if you get it stuck ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif) beleive me ;-) x

Love this thread.... awesome song ideas there too!! Re High Heels..... I’m like bambi on ice in heels.... so what is an alternative as bare or stocking feet don’t seem to have the same sex appeal!!!

I do but havent for ages. OH likes me to dress like an office girl....which is what I am anyway lol. Short skirt, heels, stockings and sussy belt, smallest g-string. Strangely its one time I wear a bra. Something we should do more often......the striptease,not the bra wearing lol.