Does technology add to sex toys?

Most of my sex toys are lumps or bumps. What I mean is they just sit there until I have them do something. Case in point is a Fleshlight. If warmed and used with water based lube… the closest I have experienced to real intercourse without a partner. Does adding a charger, warming, suction, vac, or pulsing increase the pleasure? I have a few nipple toys that are rechargeable that I would say are next level even though not meant as sex toys. VR is something I would like to experience but still not sold on strapping my phone to my face. Are tech toys any better than the old stand byes? Is something USB-c powered any better than a silicon realistic dildo or is it just different?

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Different strokes for different folks. A standard dildo on its own doesn’t do much for me, but add in a suction toy/wand and that dildo is now much more fulfilling. I’m not really fond of dildos, I’d much rather have a penis penetrate me or just use the toy.

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Unfair comparison though. The real thing is obviously the best way to go but others are solo and don’t have that option.

There was no comparison :roll_eyes:
The penis is a very small part of my comment, where I, in so many words, say that technology improves sex toys.

We’ve had fun in public with app controlled toys

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Good point! I hadn’t thought of remote apps that can be activated anywhere. Kind of fun to think of ruining your partner’s business presentation because they were preoccupied.

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Ours was going to do the weekly shop! Definitely made things interesting! And needless to say the shopping didn’t get put straight away when we got home!

Considering my wife requires clit stimulation to orgasm, and she isnt keen on oral, sadly, and won’t touch herself, vibrating devices are a life saver really.

A lot of positions are difficult to sustain for long period if i need to move my hand, some are totally impossible.

The range of vibrators we have are fantastic and really ensure she comes a lot more than she used to, and have opened up positions in which i couldn’t make her come before.

Now, we dont play when away on business with app controlled toys, so i cant speak for that particular use of app controllable toys,but i have found trying to operate we-vibe toys with the app during partnered sex an absolute turn off.

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As a man, I haven’t found much for my penis that’s improved with added tech - I’ve had some vibrating strokers and such and they’ve been ok, but I haven’t found one that wows - even vibrating cockrings don’t do much. To be fair, I haven’t had one that does warming and I have yet to try out one of the Blowmotion that’s supposedly a take on the Womanizer for penis. Prostate vibes, on the other hand, have been a fun addition and ad more pleasure for me and were a less intimidating intro than jumping straight to a dildo. But all things equal, when my wife is away and it’s up to me and whatever I want - 9 times of 10 I’m just using my hand, not even going to bother with a stroker.

For my wife’s part, yes, vibrators stimulate her in ways that neither my penis, mouth, or hands can do - either the unique sensation, the power, the speed, or the stamina are all available beyond my human limitations. She really only uses dildos in cooperation with her Womanizer or oral. So, 100% yes to your base question, for her part.

The most tech toys I have are all for anal play and have remotes and most are controllable with a smart phone and all are rechargeable . The We Vibe Egg can be controlled through the internet , but have not been away from wife to try it out . If I am not mistaken you can log on and have random people operate it from anywhere with internet . I have not had the guts to do so , but it would be fun to try . I will have to read up on it some more to make sure of security . I would also be interested in VR sex games with player controlled sex toys . However I have a feeling the cost would be above my monetary capabilities .

Agreed. Would love to try it out to see what it’s like but don’t want to strap a phone to my forehead which means the more expensive units… just to try.

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The thought of someone far away controlling my experience warms me up . Face time or live video feed would elevate the experience . If only I were very wealthy , not just a very horny old guy .

These days one doesn’t need to be “very wealthy” for this kind of fun, albeit, it will be basic vibs. Spend more, you get more I guess. Same goes with the whole VR thing.

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I am afraid being a solo act I might become addicted to VR sex .


I recently got a Blowmotion, absolutely brilliant. Found it strange on my first go with it, but once you get used to it and the hang of it…brilliant.

As for other tech: my partner and I have a lot that I use on her. Thrusting dildos, wands, suction, pin point bullets. All are great. I have a remote controlled thrusting dildo that I enjoy using while she’s restrained. Tying it in place and operating it while I put myself in her mouth is excellent fun.

We also have a remote app controlled Lovense. I can control this from my phone while I’m away with work, the app has built in video calling, it all works very well.

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Any technology that enhances the experience has to be a bonus.

I find many toys are overdesigned for the sake of including tech. It’s less for me if technology adds to toys but what innovation adds.

I just think that sex toys these days are pretty amazing.

All the sexy, plush silicone ones we have that are primarily designed for ladies are just wonderful, and they are fun on man parts too!

USB recharging is such a huge boon, and the vibration and power on offer in modern toys is incredible.

I guess air suction is fairly new tech, and I’m a big fan of that.

App controlled toys don’t figure much for us. We have them but don’t use the app controls much, but if we were long distance I think that could be brilliant.

I guess new tech is just adding to toys in new and different ways.

Experimenting is one of our favorite things, so we always have fun trying new stuff.

Yay for tech!


I hadn’t really thought about it as a technological advancement, but rechargeable toys are so much better. Our first 3 vibrators all took multiple AA or AAA batteries and there was nothing more frustrating than getting that rabbit out to play and discovering the batteries were dead and we had none (or were short - it took 3 AAA, and so that pack of 8 always came up short).