Does your partner make you feel wanted?

My first thread , please be gentle with me.

Im wondering if every ones partner makes them feel wanted?

My partner never really makes me feel wanted in any way at all , forgot my birthday (a week after our daughters so not like a day he couldnt remember) , doesnt touh me with a bardge poll let alone any thing else and if does happen its once in a blue moon , hes never been romantic , we have a little girl but never has be asked if i wanted to go out and get a baby sitter , never had a nice comment from him ( like 'you look nice' ) even when wearing new clothes or just randomly.

It does become an issue and as much as iv told him that a little bit of attention wouldnt kill him it just goes in one ear and out the other!

Quite upsetting really because when we first got together he was really nice , making love was offen ( i know its not the be all and end all but you know what i mean) 2 years down the line and i feel so unwanted some times its unreal.

Its one of the reasons me and my daughter moved out (along with a few other issues) , why stay some where where you dont feel wanted/loved?

Sorry this is probably the wrong place to post but i dont know where to put it. feel free to delete if needs be.


Awwww sorry to hear that (hugs).........not in a good position and i truly understand, have you ever told

him how hurt and upset you are? or even ask him how he feels about you?

If he does not communitcate with you, and you are feeling like this, then you have done the right thing in moving out, but if there is the slightest glint of hope/love/being wanted....why throw it away? communication is very important.

Sorry not much O/H doesn't use words, or tells me how he feels, but his actions, and what he does for me speaks volumes. I'm used to more romantic/slushy/loveydovey stuff..but i don't get this with him. It's always me telling him how i feel. But he does show me in other ways.

Hope you start to feel better in yourself soon and hope you get things


I was a bit concerned when I saw your other post saying you didn't like anything about your body and I am starting to understand why you have started to feel this way. Can I ask, are you on good terms with your parents or perhaps a sister you feel happy to talk to because I think you need someone sympathetic who you can really talk this through in detail.

When did things start to go wrong? I guess you must have been happy to start with - happy enough for you to want to start a family together. Young children can be a very great strain on any relationship both because of the effort and emotional energy you have to put in and from the financial burden. All this can mean you can't put in as much effort into just being a couple as you did before. I should say that my wife and I have a wonderful marriage but it nearly fell apart 18 months after our first daughter was born and at the time we both felt the way you do now.

Ultimately you need to talk this through with your partner but, from my experience its almost impossible to do this without help (we would just end up having a massive row). We would simply not have got ourselves sorted out without counselling and I would suggest that this is something you should suggest to your partner fairly soon.

So, in answer to your question "does your partner make you feel wanted" for me the answer is a huge yes but there was a time when we hated each other. I hope you can take heart from the possibility that there may be a fantastic future ahead of you with the right help and good will on all sides.