Dog owners you NEED this!

Jasmines food from has just come and it's absolutely amazing! She doesn't usually eat dry food but I opened the bag and she stuck her head straight in pulling out a massive mouth full! I've compared the ingredients to bakers and it blows them off the scale! You tell them about your dog and the food is genuinely tailor made for them, I've ordered two for different dogs off two accounts and the composites are totally different! Use my code LOIS95WM you'll get 2 weeks free of tailored food, honestly is brilliant, considering changing her over full time to it as she's on homemade food ATM

Sorry I thought this was a Spam at first !

Sounds good if you have a dog or perhaps a slave! :)

Haha! I was worried it would come across as spam! It is absolutely brill though, just had to share!

Haha, it does read a bit like spam.

That's good it obviously agreed with your dog.

This seems to be everywhere at the minute, will have to check it out. Pretty much anything blows Bakers out the water though lol

Bakers is shockingly bad!! considering how expensive they are too! have over 50% meat, ours is chicken, meal, bakers has 26% "animal derivatives" i dont even want to know what that is! urgh

Oh interesting, is it really expensive as one of my dogs has irritable bowel and is on a special prescription diet from vets which has just went up in price to £70 a bag! So I'd be interested in a cheaper alternative if she could tolerate it which if its tayler made she may be able to. How much would a big bag of it be do you know?

My rottweiler puppies works out at £1 a day, but my mums corgi cross works out at 50p a day, you can specify diet problems and even add notes, you can go through and put all the details in to see how much it will cost and get a trial but if you don't like it you can just cancel before the next delivery date

But the cost is the same as me making her food from scratch as I do and that gives around 12kilo of food

Sorry the 12kilo for our dog is £30

Just did the quote thing on the website there and it works out at around £15 for a month, which is way cheaper than the vets stuff. I might give it a go. Is there a time limit to your free trial offer?

the voucher code will work forever I think, and you can order your delivery for whenever and then postpone it. Just a quick tip, not sure if it will work, but on my mums I "paused" her deliveries before the trial bag was prepared and then restarted it and it upped the trial to a month, it might not work every time but worth a try

Going to let my Dog try this he keeps turning his nose up at everything else well apart from the new kittens dry food ![](upload://jokG3WtlbVccWAgGjeuPxY6tITM.gif)

Ours won't touch anything but her homemade stews, she's chowing down on this now though, still not as nice as a stew but miles better than any biscuits she's ever tried

Hehe £6.55 for a months supply thats a good price ok its a 5kg bag but Cuddles is only a Shih Tzu so along with his wet food he doesn't eat masses.

Well unless its our meat ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif)

Getting jealous of everyone with little dogs! And I thought ours was cheap!

I get a 12.5KG bag of weight control bakers at £22.79 every 2 months for our dog via subscribe and save on Amazon. He is on a diet hence the weight control option and that means he gets slightly less than I'd normally do, which in turn is how the 12.5KG bag can last around 2 months

Might have to check this out though, see what they will price it at for our dog and how it might work out.

Think it'll be perfect for you especially as he's on a diet, my mums dog is over weight so she gets enough food but lower calorie rather than just less food, you can check the price without signing up to anything

Ok so our Tails box arrived this morning, I pulled out this bag with Cuddles name on it (cute) but now he also has his own food measuring cup with his name on too.

Cuddles looked at the tiny amount they said he was due a day and stuck his nose up at it ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif)

The Kitten look impressed though and happlily ate some Cuddles decided that he wasn't inpressed with small doses and pulled out his Iams bag just aswell the two get mixed at first.![](upload://lJMrTcqgi5lI1FOpb07OYOcv2YF.gif)

Haha! I think my mums dog was surprised at the small serving too. But she is seriously over weight so they'd been over feeding her. Did you check how many scoops to give?