Dogging.....yes or no

Has anyone ever gone dogging?....would you like to or does the idea just fill you with horror

As a swinger, i was lucky enough to go to a dogging BBQ where we just had a normal bbq and drinks at a local beauty spot, but after dark, the fun started......I have to say it was so damn hot to be in that situation.....

being taken from behind over the picnic table in the great outdoors, as a crowd of about 10 guys watched was a pretty intense and very horny thing to do, as was blowing another guy, on my knees in the dirt.....deffo an experience worth repeating!

ps all safety preacutions were taken!

I don't understand exaclty how dogging gets organised! Also, what exactly happens?

My impression of dogging is a couple of people in a car doing stuff with loads of random people who are in that hotspot staring through the windows...right? x

not necessarily....this particular do was organised on a swinging site i am a member of, but there are many, many dogging spots all over the country,

and you can either go and 'perform' for the watcher (interior lights on mean you want to be watched), or have the windows open (which means others can touch - with permission of course) or have the door open, or get out and indulge in whatever u fancy with your chosen guys while the others watch.

theres a dogging section on the swinging site where you can advertise that you will be out and about at a secret location, and then guys answer your ad and if you like them you give them the location you will be at.

Hmmm....this is definately something to discuss with the missus! I think we wouldn't perform in front of anyone and we wouldn't even want to touch. But it would be a very interesting experience to just watch another couple!

I agree redapple, i would feel far too insecure to do that, which is a bit of a problem as the OH seems to like stuff along these lines, lol

I've never been dogging, but I do remember one time when I was snogging this woman at a party, and my partner was licking the same woman's clitoris, and I looked down from kissing her to see my partner with his face full of muff moustache, and I just thought he looked like the most adorable thing ever!

(we've since been told that our experiences with her were amongst the hottest things on view at that party)

My partner has told me that watching me experience pleasure, it doesn't matter to him if he's giving me it or somebody else, my pleasure is all that's important to him. :) I find it very hot when I watch my partner snog other people.

Being able to share my partner is one of the hottest things, I think. :) But of course it takes zillions of discussion, negotiation, and a long time before the boundaries can feel secure and comfortable.

In my experience, trust is a biggie when building this up. If one partner betrays the other's trust in any other issue, then the whole thing can fall apart. But if a person takes a bit of care to only ever say things they mean, and to always keep their word without fail, then I don't see any impediment to an option of more openness.

The thing that troubles me re this is that you can have absolutely no control over who turns up at a pre announced dogging site. Yep ok you might fondly imagine Brad Pitt, George Clooney et ilk will turn up, but imagine if Compo, Catweazel et ilk appear instead, Brad and George's bus having broken down!! Point taken that a lot of this will be in the head, but couldn't help finding myself being picky picky given mingers and studs!!!! Driving past a layby once l believe l witnessed an unseemly scrum as a crowd of blokes in Harold Wlson type macs scrambled to presumably get to the honey pot!! Perhaps too realistic view of dogging, but there, can't get away from that mental picture !!


LOL TB, yes there is that element, but if its being watched that does it for ya, then just close your eyes and imagine george and brad are there!!.......there are ettiquette rules for seasoned doggers, and generally most do follow them.

The guy is there as the minder and can tell pushy guys to fuck off, but you will find its the seasoned/proper doggers who will do it for ya cos they dont want dickheads spoiling it for them.

I must admit its the most liberating feeling being a swinger, and has opnened my mind so much as to what my boundaries were and have since moved to........nice to see your partner with someone else too.....but the nices thing of all is to have that little deliciously naughty secret that no one knows about }:o)

Don't fall alseep in your car in lay-by/carpark then or you might end up waking up to a 'pressed fruit bowl' on the window!

Sounds great in theory, I see TB's view, you'd end up with Mungo & Wurzle piping you off instead of some raven haired vixen! I think i'd feel more at ease at a swingers party, indoors where it'd warm & dry & you're not going to get nettled on the marble bag (unless thats what you're into!) or get a labrador sniffing you're ring mid stroke!

Good luck to all you brave souls blazing that trail for others to follow!

Id like to watch but wouldnt feel comfortable taking part.

same here watching only.what would happen if u saw someone u knew there how would u ever look them in the eye again

bigal wrote:

same here watching only.what would happen if u saw someone u knew there how would u ever look them in the eye again

Well, what were they doing there? They can't throw any stones, you know. :)

I dont think I could do this, it doesn't really appeal to me, but I don't mind others doing it, we drove past a couple doing it the other day


Nope - dont fancy this at all.

Each to their own.

when i was with my ex. we used to go out all the time in his car. he got quite a thrill out of being seen in broard daylight. i love the idea of being watched but too scared in case i get caught nowadays

Each to their own but personally I'd like to control who sees me which you couldn't do. Horrid old men wouldn;t do it for me! I'd want the guys to be attractive to me. I'd certainly like to try a fetish club or swinging but only if I can be very specific about who we see. And I don;t think I could do it with a serious partner.

Andserkiel wrote:

Same with swinging, three-somes, orgies ect... this one just isn't for me. I like to keep my sex life private and personal. Oh I'll happilly talk about it like on here for example and to mates but never would let anyone watch or involve others. I'm very jealous/possessive when with a partner also so it wouldn't work. The thought of them being with someone else makes me feel physically ill.

yeah, im the same hun, i see my partners as mine, and only mine,and he thinks the same of me :)

x x x

i don't think i could do it. i'm pretty self concous if i'm not with that special person. I dont usually do jealousy, but its only in theory. i dont mind peole doing it as long as they are safe and consensual and dont halm people who dont want to see ( eg oldies and kids)

Yeah, i agree SL :)

x x