What are peoples views on dogging. Ive done it twice. Once with the wife and once on my own. I actually gave a guy a handjob when me and my wife went

Each to their own, it is always portrayed as the slightly more seedy side to swinging, through the premise appears to be the same just outdoors and without a membership.

Not something we would personally do, even though we do regularly have outdoor sex at local wooded beauty spots.

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Pretty much go at least once a week! Either the two of us go or I’ll go myself! Depends if she’s working! If we get a chance together I usually just sit and wank myself off while she has fun. If I’m there myself I’ll wank off some guys or on a very rare occasion you’ll find another couple like ourselves, and we’ll swap partners! Only been lucky once being myself and getting to fuck someone else’s partner while he watches.


@Cuck1873 Sounds interesting!!! Never been dogging but the thought of those scenarios playing out are definitely making me think I need to find somewhere to go and try it!!!

Our one and only experience of dogging was that it is very low rent. We tried it but felt it was too tacky so left after two guys ejaculated on our car.

It’s not for me, I’d rather go to a club where no phones are allowed.

Ths perception I have of it is from fab. I had seen a lot of status updates, always from men letting everyone know that they’re in the area and wanting people to go to it. Repeated posts made it come across as desperate rather than kinky.

Obviously my opinion is based on this image I have, and in reality, it may be very different, but I’ve no interest in finding out.


I think I would rather be the watcher than be watched