Dominance tips

Hiya I have been into the BDSM lifestyle and I have engaged in a few things in the past. I am very open to learning and trying more. I am with a new partner who is massively into being dominated which I find very hot. I have usually been submissive before.

Any guys out there how do you enjoy being dominated by a woman what would you advise us trying. He has said he loves being made to feel like my slave so any advice around that would be really great

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I’m in a female led male chastity relationship and one of the things I love is to be kept naked all day and being made to do the household tasks like cooking or cleaning.
Adding a collar and lead would be even better.


Thank you for this. This is actually something we have spoken about as well and I am really looking forward to it

I have previously been the more dominant one in the bedroom but recently have found I really enjoy my wife taking the dom role now and then (and she quite enjoys it when she’s in the mood too!)

I don’t really go in for the household tasks thing personally, I particularly enjoy being restrained and teased, sometimes for quite a long time. I also really enjoy feeling helpless where she will blindfold and gag me. I love the restraints etc.

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Welcome to the forum! I’d defo consider trying out a cock cage on him and being in control of the lock :closed_lock_with_key:
Also maybe give some edging a go and have yourself be the one who decides when he gets to climax :nerd_face:

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Give him pink frilly girly knickers to wear and call him your bitch -
Get used to spanking him over the most trivial thing - I spank my man daily
but don’t make or allow him to cum

humiliation works well


Thank you. Yes he’s into the humiliation what do you find works well ?

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I’m a larger, relatively fit man and my wife enjoys the sensation of having total control of someone larger.

We have a couple of men’s wet-look/fetish style pieces like body harnesses and thongs; paired with a leather collar and a leash they enforce an exposed and submissive posture from the start.

Other things we enjoy:

  • she orders me to prepare her favorite toys and watch her use them.
  • I’m not allowed to touch myself without explicit direction/permission.
  • Instructs me to eat my pre-cum while I watch her/not let any go to waste.
  • she uses me (face sitting, or cock riding) but I’m not allowed to touch her without explicit direction/permission.
  • Makes me suck a dildo while she plays.
  • My orgasm is subject to her explicit direction/permission - to either deny or command when she’s ready.
  • punishment for violating set rules like above - spanking, paddling, or flogging.
  • Bound with wrist or ankle cuffs and teased/tortured with pleasure.
  • pegging.

Well. That’s a short list/summary of the top things that occur when she dommes me.


I’m not much into humiliation, but I’m into being degraded a little. Being forcefed a dildo helps, or being fed my pre-cum. She calls me her filthy little slut and pussy slave.

I don’t know that I’d be into having my penis criticized (called small, soft, weak) and that could be dangerous territory, but may be on the table for your man if he’s into it.

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I’d be happy if Mrs. Val initiated sex once every couple of months… :rofl:


I like to dress them up in as frilly underwear - bra, knickers stockings and suspenders - the sillier the better - stand over him and tell him to wear the wonderful you provide
Then get him to serve you - my fav is to dominate by spanking


Good luck @Lilith_30 , he sounds a lucky man!

Lots of good ideas already here. I’d advise speaking with your partner to delve into some of his kinks. Some of the ideas listed here could really turn him on, or do nothing for him or worse still cause him psychological issues, for instance attempts at humiliation about his appearance/ size etc.

You say he wants to be your slave. I am similiar to my partner in that. I crave being naked whilst she’s clothed, cooking cleaning and inspection of work, corner time, collar and leash play, ass / vagina worship and being made to beg for an orgasm.

But I’ll stress for you both to get the most out of it you should talk beforehand.


bit of a jump for you but talk to him find his kink and do it - I enjoy being told to sit while she plays with herself and im not allowed to touch .

Also get him to wear your underwear and watch his cock grow

there is so much - but suggest you look into a catsuit / dom dress for yourself as this will get you in the mood


Welcome to the forum, @Lilith_30 . !

Firstly, congrats on getting a guy who is willing to even the playing field in the bedroom and be submissive to you! Like @rockstar, my wife likes it when I’m naked and caged for her viewing pleasure, among other things, though we are both relatively new to the dynamic.

My advice on furthering your journey together would be to read up on some good femdom resources (“Femdom for Nice Girls” and/or “Male Chastity” by Lucy Fairbourne and “A Keyholder’s Handbook” by Georgia Ivey Green are fantastic starters), to get your head around the psychology of being the Dominant partner and includes some great ideas to go as little, or as far, as you are both comfortable.

I wish you all the best on your journey! :slight_smile:

Edit: I agree with @SubCharles r, CFNM is hot AF. :smiley:


Our list is very similar to that of LRLRL.

I enjoy some aspects of humiliation too.

As I said in my previous post we have a female led male chastity relationship. She orgasms at least once every day but totally controls when and particularly how I orgasm.
She introduces the humiliation aspect by telling me that I’m not worthy of coming inside her so she only allows me to come when I’m restrained and being masturbated by our fuxxing machine, one of our powered male masturbators or a wand/vibrator stepped to my penis.
It’s a wonderful feeling being hog tied and forced to orgasm into a machine while she watches and operates the controls.
Sometimes she orders me not to come then starts to masturbate while the machine is working on me. She knows that listening to her will make me come so then she can punish me further.


The mental picture of being hog-tied and masturbated by a machine is pretty freakin’ hot, @rockstar, but I’m struggling with what position you’re in with that… the hog-tie suggests face-down but then body balancing becomes an issue when you have to put a machine into the mix…?

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I am hogtied with my wrists tied to my ankles and on my knees facing the machine with my penis in the sleeve which is moving horizintally.

It feels physically amazing but mentally it is on another level.

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Roger that! One could add to that scenario with a leash attached to your balls (either attached somewhere behind you or controlled by your wife!) and being told to thrust into the machine … if you can, depending on how much slack you’re given to do so…! To avoid injury though, it might be safer to -not- be hogtied, so your hands are free to catch yourself if you lose balance. :slight_smile:

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