DOMINIX deluxe or deluxe heavy

Hi all,

I really enjoy restraining my OH. I started with some rope which I enjoy but find that it can take up some time tying her up and she gets impatient and loses the mood.

I would like to get leather cuffs and combine it with rope as I could get her setup quicker. Furthermore, I really like the look and feel of leather cuffs and a leather collar is a big turn on.

The DOMINIX range looks fantastic and I am definitly going to get it. However, I cannot decide between the deluxe or heavy deluxe set.

I was hoping some one might be able to gove some insight and advice about the differences.


I bought these cuffs from DOMINIX and I am very pleased with them:
They are heavy and the quality is excellent.
Price may be a little higher but for the difference you get a better deal.

I have also bought these things from DOMINIX and they are excellent:

The heavy deluxe items are larger in ever respect; they have a wider strap, which makes them look chunkier (you can see this in the product photos where the cuffs are on a model), and they have a larger sizing, e.g. the heavy deluxe wristcuffs have an internal size of 6 - 9.5 inches whereas the deluxe cuffs have an internal size of 4-8.25 inches.

I own the full cuff and collar set of the regular Deluxe and personally, I'd say go for that if you are planning to use it on a female partner as to me the heavy deluxe items would look too big/chunky on a female frame (the regular deluxe already look chunky) and would possibly be too big to fit securely on her. It's a great set, it fits both me (a female with slim wrists and ankles) and my partner (a male with much chunkier wrists and ankles) so if you ever want to switch positions it should fit you fine too.

The regular Deluxe items have a padded, chunky look and heavy but comfortable feel to them, if this is her first time using cuffs she may be overwhelmed already by the thickness of the deluxe and the stiff new leather so the heavy ones could be a little bit too much and put her off them.

If she has a particularly slim or short neck or hasn't worn a collar before I'd reccomend going for a slimmer collar than the Dominix Deluxe one, though. I find it a little too chunky to be comfortable, it restricts my head movement and can make me feel too restrained and panicky. This one is on sale atm and would match the Dominix cuffs:


Thank you so much for the post. It's got valuable information in it I would never have thought of. It's exactly what I was hoping to get by posting here.

My OH is 165 cm and 60 kgs and she does have slim wrists and ankles. The difference in size would be a big factor as I do want them to be secure on her, so I guess it's decided. I will probably go with the regular set.
If you don't mind could you tell me your height and weight? I would like a reference point to compare to my wife.

Do you know the width of the Dominix deluxe collar is?
The heavy is stated as 2.75 inches, but the regular doesn't have any info.

I also noted that the heavy has a smaller minimum circumference than the regular. Is that something to consider or is a difference of that size negligible.