Don’t worry your not boring

So after some comments in the “last time you had sex thread” we thought :thought_balloon: we would start a reassuring / sharing your thoughts for those couples who worry things may be getting mundane or boring…… when in actual fact it’s normal we all experience the same, have our go to position for 90% of the time and the 10% brings out the LH toys , chains :chains: and whips for the more energetic play.

So be reassured your not that couple and it’s just keeping the drive , desires in busy life’s.


To start off we have busy life’s , children and a :dog:, so most of our sex happens in the living room or kitchen over a chair :chair: away from :eyes:.

It’s easy, helps to feel relaxed or not being caught or dog sat watching.

We worried that “is it getting boring” are we not putting in enough effort, we need to crack open the toy box full of LH delights.

In fact , we both love the position, it’s an easy position and hits the spots for us both us.

We have play nights , not as much as we used to with busy life’s, we love toys and LH helps keep that spake alive / excitement with new orders and the pleasure of testing…. But sometimes / most of the time we go to our go to position, and some toys just help to vary it up with such as vibrating cock rings etc.


I think the ‘last time you had sex thread’ tends to inspire people to share their more interesting romps that they think others will find enjoyable.
Certainly for me anyway, for every story that I feel is sharing material there are probably a bunch of comparatively ‘vanilla’ quickies in between kids getting home, walking the dogs, cooking dinner etc.
It’s just that when I am reading that thread, I am rarely inspired to share my more mundane stories and I imagine that’s true of most people.


Yeah agreed @SW2003 I see so much of long play sessions on there and then we think :thinking:…… do we not do enough or are we slowly getting boring.

@Ian_Chimp we need a continuous vote :ballot_box: poll on my thread … still never worked out how to do , to check balance we are not boring :joy:

Go to position quickie

Quickie with a toy

Full on play session with toys

Not sure if you can have one like a multiple counter though, so each time you have sex can tick and keep talking up :arrow_up: then over time will show how often things heat up and how often it just quickies.


It’s not currently possible to have a tally-style poll, unfortunately. But you can find the poll option in the :gear: icon in your composer format bar. :+1: (the menu is a little squiffy, so there’s also a template you can use too if that’s easier)


Thanks @Ian_Chimp we may have a play and try our first voting :ballot_box: poll :star_struck:


We are boring.
Seems like no matter what something gets in the way. Because Mrs. Val isn’t on LH nor knows about me being here, I think she sometimes wonders where I come up with new moves and toys, why I try certain stuff and where I learn things. I can only imagine what goes through her head so I find I need to ease into new ideas and concepts before trying some crazy “reversed starfish from a intricate pulley system” move.
I typically stick to the basics and attempt to introduce something new or fun every time.

Don’t get me wrong, the sex has gotten better over the last year or so but doesn’t keep pace with my desire. I am happy to set the pace and she seems to reciprocate well. I suppose that is the only bright spot.

We are still bedroom sexers as we have 2 kids who are now done school for the year, I work fulltime in an office and she has a home-based beauty business that doesn’t allow us any time away from anyone ever. It’s Saturday or Sunday morning quickies or a planned session later in the evening.

I have booked a trip in October where we get 5 days alone and we are working to farm out our kids to grandparents throughout the summer. Also looking for advice on another thread for some IUD insertion for a “period-free” summer for Mrs. Val hoping we don’t get interrupted when the time is ideal.


True story! And like @SW2003 said, the “last time” thread definitely only gets a response from me if our sex was something other-than-routine.

I’d say 6 nights a week we’re in the same position, in bed, at bedtime, right before lights off. And the 7th night she’s usually just flipped over for a backrub and I slipped inside for a quick O. When life is routine enough, we try to get a weekend romp on Sunday afternoons - we just have a little more energy then to either work in some toys or lingerie, if we really have space (say we kicked the kids over to a friend’s house) we may even add some bondage or role play, but sometimes we have too many other responsibilities and it’s 2 or 3 weeks before we get that long play…

Being in a het-cis couple, things also do ebb and flow with wife’s cycle - we try our best to keep our weekend’s less busy during her fertile window when she’ll be more gung ho; she’s always game for the romp, but depending on where she is in the cycle sometimes she just wants a sensual cuddle. The week before she ovulates though, dang, I need to be prepared to tie her up, talk real dirty, and if I don’t cum all over her face she’ll make me pay for it later! :rofl: :chains: :handcuffs: :paddle: :ball_gag1:


I love that theres a gagged emoji :ball_gag2: :laughing:


I didn’t know it was there - I was just searching for keywords - cuff, gag, paddle. :rofl:

For me I don’t tend to join in the “when you did you last have sex” topic as I’d bore people senseless as it’s most days.
Sex isn’t always handcuffs, whips, and spreader bars…that’s probably a once a fortnight job. We’ve got kids, pets, jobs, and a severe lack of time (otherwise I’d most likely have a dungeon room from my dreams setup for lengthy sessions 50 shades style).

To be honest sex is 99/100 times always at bed time, it’s usually in one of three positions and whilst it’s always good, it’s much like everyone else (I suspect) … a quick romp and a kiss good night.

Sex doesn’t need to be all singing and all dancing every time, if that were the case the kink side of things would become seriously mundane and tiresome.

Sometimes I’m much happier with a good book rather than a good fuck !