Don't let the name fool you, I'm harmless :-)

Hello all,

My name is Chris from Ireland. I'm a 20 year old gay male and am currently in a future long term relationship. I've started using love honey and I must say they're products, delivery, and customer care is amazing, so i thought i might make an account of my own. I have a boyfriend and its slowly creeping up to the first year of when we started going out. I'm very much in love with him and I am enjoying many sexual adventures with him. We could probably write a book so far. lol.

The reason my name is the panty snatcher is cause I love underwear. I find that while some people say everyone is beautiful naked theres a raw sex appeal that can be found in people when in just their underwear. Theres a bit of a fetishism in this thought but its something i like to share with people and my experience. that being said i'm not going to go into the knitty gritty details of those experiences but you'll know what it was like :L

What i hope to gain out of this is that people can give me recommendations about some of the products i'd like to buy, or maybe give me a product that you thought was good and hopefully i will pool the money to try it out myself. maybe give a review as well. But I'm while i'm doing this i'd always like to have a bit of craic and a bit of fun, and hopefully you do to :-)

So that is me. i hope to gain a few friends and have a couple laughs through this site. and i'll end this post with a funny story.

This one time when i was 14 was at this gig. Me and my friends saw these girls and they were kinda loking at us looking at my friend and he goes "I think that one likes you" Its was quite loud in there and had to scream, "Who the one with the clevage", He couldn't hear me so i had to scream louder. So i screamed"YOU MEA(At this point the band had finished their song and stopped playing)N THE ONE WITH THE CLEVAGE..." I got so many stares it was scary...

I don't mean to leave a profile picture out, i just haven't found the right one yet. when i do (or if i have already) then you will surely know :-)

Hi Partysnatcher

Welcome to Lovehoney and the forums.

I am sure you will find people who can recommend products on here. I tend to check out the reviews unless of course there are none.

You will find alot of us have some weird and wonderful fetishes. So dont be worried about posting anything on here, were here to help and give advice if needed.

Enjoy your time here,


HI Chris...welcome and enjoy! xxx

Good morning Chris, welcome! x

Spot on about the sex appeal in underwear thing. I also love underwear!

Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. Love the term "future long term relationship"!

Hey and welcome to the Forum Chris! Have fun! x

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hi and welcome. Enjoy your time on LH!

Hi and welcome

Hello and welcome to the forums

Please take a look at the welcome page which has some great threads to start

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