Dont you hate it when all you see is out of stock...

Getting fed up now nothing to do with LH as they cant control stock,But ive been waiting for something to come back into stock you see it has a due date then when that due date comes it gets put to another date and so on,Its been out of stock since just before feb 14th and must of had at least four different due dates. I could choose a different colour but its the white that i want.

Ive missed out on loads of the discount codes you get through email.

Hi teacake,

Unfortunately there are many reasons items can be postponed from the 'due' delivery date. For example the supplier may have sold out of stock, which means we don't get our stock. This then pushes back our dates.

Sometimes a delivery gets delayed in transit and this also affects our stock date. Some items we order can take up to 3 months from date of order to arrive here. So we have to estimate the due in date which can often get changed for reasons out of our control.

I'm sorry the item you are waiting for is out of stock. Please contact customer care though if you are in doubt about this item as they could find out more information for you if necessary.

Kind regards 

Hey teacake

We do have a couple of similar sets which are in stock in white at the moment which you might like to have a look at? Whilst you wait for the stock on the other bodystocking set, you could always place an order for one of the alternatives and see if one of them lives up to what you have in mind? If it isn't what you're looking for you could still return it to us and wait for the other one to come into stock if you wanted. 

Music Legs Floral Lace Garter Dress and Stockings

Dreamgirl Black Diamond Stretch Lace Halter Dress Set

If you decide neither of these are up to scratch, click on the 'Sold Out' link on this page and we'll email you as soon as the one you want comes back into stock. That'll save you periodically checking yourself and ensure you're the first to know when it's back. 

Sorry again for the delay on this stock - as Cazz said, these things are very often completely out of our control, and equally frustrating for us when we need to keep pushing dates back. Fingers crossed Dreamgirl can deliver to us in time for the 19th March! 

Teacake i would recommend what jess said about clicking the link to be emailed. On a few occasions i have done this and the item has been back in stock quicker than the date stated so i have been able to put a quick order in!

Thanks Cazz for giving me some more detail of why the dates gets pushed back&Jess for those links,I think ill just wait to see if it will come in on the next due date,Should of known it wouldnt come in today being friday the 13th lol

I hadn't bothered about the email request when back into stock but i think i will do this now.

Cheers JM88 maybe it will come in sooner.

I agree not just lh but on other sites or they only are stocking certain sizes never mine lol....

I am generally relieved, it saves me from myself. Self control.....erm what self control.

Now im annoyed been waiting ages for this to come in and i get a email now saying its no longer available,Not annyoed with LH just the fact i had been waiting for so long.

Just have to wait till i see something the same in plain white.

As in discontinued?

i was thinking yesterday, it would be nice if there was a "last chance" page (maybe in the offers tab) where items that are going to be discontinued could be listed?

i read reviews quite a lot and there are quite a few that when i click them ot says hurry now, this item wont be restocked. I think it would be good of you could click and access a page of items that arent being restocked so you cam buy them.

There are things like stockings that you find a good make but then if they suddenly become discontinued you cant get them anymore. At least if they went on the list you could stock up? Same applies for toys. There are some you see and ponder over but if you knew they were limited stock you might be more persuaded to buy while you can.

LilMissFrustrated wrote:

I am generally relieved, it saves me from myself. Self control.....erm what self control.

this! lol ![](upload://kym5tZ5EfyJxs6TKHB1Q2HtGSpK.gif)

I can understand what you mean by waiting for something to come into stock then being discontinued,

I was waiting on which was a brand new item to be in size 20-22 but it never arrived in stock.![](upload://rWunPW3zYHdA0ypr4dRQnAP8JTy.gif)

JM88 wrote:

As in discontinued?

In the email i got they are saying they are unable to get new supplies,I had looked around the net in march and no others seem to have the white one so i guess the white maybe discontinued now.