Double postage

Hello Lovely LH'ers!

My other half, AdnaW has just been sent a product to review. She has also been sent another one too!

Both items are the same product. Should we arrange to return it? Just let us know what to do oh might LH Gods!

LoveHoney - Bot says:

Sorry for the double dispatch! The system experienced a hiccup yesterday and a few orders got duplicated, including the lovely AdnaW's tester product.

If you get a chance, please return the second order to us using our freepost address and we'll make sure to look into the glitch asap.

L.H.Trading Returns
Unit A, Locksbrook Road
Bath BA1 3EU
United Kingdom

Sorry again!

Taking the dog for a walk and then off to the bank, will pop in the post office on the way there!

No worries!

Been the PO, back in the system.

Are LH going to write me a review?

Super fast postage, packaged securely and discreetly.

Ha ha good one WandA

Thanks for the quick reply LH Bot - I have been in uni all day today and will be in most of the day tomorrow so if WandA hadn't have been able to sort it today on his day off I would have had to try and find time to do it tomorrow - your speedy reply made up for the little hiccup!

Thanks again


wish i had toys to review ;)