Douching, what am I doing wrong?

Warning, Sorry but this thread could get messy, I’m big in to my anal play, I have read lots of advice and watched instructional videos regarding douching but nearly everytime I have some anal time the douching never works for me and inevitably there’s always a bit, or lots of mess, either on my dildos or on myself. I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong as I remember when I used to have gay anal sex in my teens there was never accidents, or not very often.
I’m not sure if it’s the size of the dildos I use, I have a 10 inch one so wonder if thats going too deep as I like to take it all the way and I also have a larger girth ones which is my favourite type of anal play, doesn’t matter which ones I use nearly everytime its a messy clean up.
Again sorry but any advice would be most welcome. :heart:


How long do you wait after douching before play? You need to wait anything up to a couple of hours to make sure everything is coming out.

How deep are you douching? If you are just cleaning the rectum that’s fine, but if you end up going deeper and into the colon, you are going to be pulling mess down that would never have caused an issue during play.

You could also just be entering the colon with the toy, in which case, mess is harder to stop, and diet and timing will be more important than douching


I’ve no advice on this, but I’m commenting so I can keep up with the replies. Douching never works for me as I overdo it. Interested in others’ comments!


@JoCat, I don’t understand it too, I do everything recommended, including leaving the right amount of time and not to deep with the douche as I know that can get to the colon, if it was just my longest toy then I’d understand I was in my colon but its my girthy toys too! XxX

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Maybe it’s what we’re using? I have this I don’t use the thicker attachment, and I probably do it 4 times even though I know I should probably only do it 2 times max :face_with_peeking_eye:
I do feel that because the bulb is quite big, that all the water isn’t being dispensed from it like it should be.
I dunno, I just increased my fibre instead and avoid anything anal because for me it wasn’t worth the worry but I’d like it not to be.

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@JoCat I have one from another website, it’s actually exactly the same as my OH’s, she doesn’t know I have it as she doesn’t know about my extreme anal play. I bought the same one as my OH as she regularly douches and we have no messy problems with our anal sex. Its a bit different to yours but is probably as wide as the widest attachment on yours.
I also read that you should douche until the water run clear, for me this can be twice but it can be 5 or 6 times. Either way it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Maybe its down to anatomy!

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@JoCat and @Yes_man I have used two types of douche. The other is a closed tube with 4 small holes at top. These holes always seem to get blocked. So dont work well. Diet and time after seems to be a factor. Harder stools will always mess up the dildo under the ridge. 8 inch lifelike from LH.

Must be the depth. I have seen /read several methods. An attachment for shower. Or a douche bag used like intravenous drip over a longer period.

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I also use a 10" dildo and have come to terms with the fact that no amount of douching is going to clean out your anal passage that far up so I just accept and deal with any mess.


Hmm size of toy can sometimes have an effect especially if it’s going deeper up.
From what I’ve gathered on tutorials and stuff, you can do a normal kind of douche which basically clears the lower passage part and requires little watering but also can do a full clean out which takes longer plus many people don’t know when they’ve activated this full clean process hence why you may have mess… a good motto I’ve heard is to keep going till the waters run clear lol.

Also like @Calie mentioned it’s always good to wait a hour or so to let things settle afterwards.

@Yes_man hat kind of douche do you use. One you can attach to the shower hose or an bulb?

I don’t.

I realised that with a 10" dildo I was largely wasting my time so I get thoroughly and gloriously pegged then dealing with any mess that occurs. Normally there is very little and a couple of baby wipes sort it out very quickly and easily.


Not an expert but i believe diet has a lot to do with it. Whenever I’m on a health kick i find it has a positive effect in everything​:thinking:


Well I found my answer to my douching problem, simply not to do it, I have much cleaner anal play when I haven’t douched compared to when I have! So that’s the way forward for me.