Doxy extra powerful vs. LH deluxe

Looking to get a wand for bedroom fun. Have no wands at al at this point. I already know that Mrs. MG is quite the power queen when using our we vibe melt and bullet vibes. Wondering what everyone recommends as their favourite. I’m looking into either the LH deluxe or the Doxy extra powerful. Can’t seem to find if the deluxe is 9000 rpm like doxy… also can’t find many comparison on this form. Seem to be all about the die cast doxy

I’m afraid mains-powered wands aren’t our bag, but I did find these:

If you pop ‘Doxy’ in the Search there’s loads more. :+1:

Thanks Ian. I think I had found 2 of those 3. Most still seem to compare the doxy cast. Not the extra powerful one. Surprised that these types are not fit you, seems like you have the most knowledge on almost all types of toys

Ah, I see. I think Doxy pap ‘extra powerful’ next to all their toys. Sorry, I’m a bit slow at the moment. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve got both the LH Classic and the Deluxe, and I know mains-powered wands are very popular, but they’re just too industrial for our bedroom style (too hot, too heavy, too loud). Mrs Chimp much prefers the medium-sized rechargeables like the Mantric, Desire, and the TC Squishy one. Mains-powered are definitely more powerful, but as long as the frequency is right Mrs Chimp prefers the smaller ones. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I’ve got a half-finished Wand comparison table you may find useful? (treat it with caution though, as it’s a work in progress)

So, you’re looking for info on one like this?

I found this:

Though the Lovehoney ones appear more often in the Sales, so you could get one of those at a reduced price and see how you get on with it?

The difference between the original Doxy and the Die Cast is the material of the body and the head of the wand. They are all the same power.

I don’t know the power from the LH wand but as far as I am aware, Doxys are the most powerful wands available for the UK.

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Hi @Mg93,

We have both the Doxy extra powerful and the love honey deluxe. We bought the LH first. It’s excellent. Loads of power and all sort of rumbly goodness suitable for his and hers orgasms. After a couple of year of frankly heavy use it was starting to look a little worse for wear so we were just going to replace it with the same again. Then we saw the doxy and it’s claims to be the most powerful available. We went for it.
There are subtle differences between the two. The LH has a dial and so you have absolute precision on the amount of vibration. The Doxy has buttons and toward the top end of its power settings there are some really big steps up which can come as a bit of an unwelcome surprise!! We often want power between two settings. That said, the doxy I think is more powerful though both have the tendency to numb everything if you got straight to full blast!!
Hope that’s of some help.

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@Mg93 I find the doxy slightly more powerful, the LH deluxe uses 18 watts of power where the doxy uses 20 watts. After owning them for a while now the cover on the doxys head can start to come loose after months of use where the deluxe has a fixed head.