Dreams about Sexual Encounters

Is it wrong to have dreams/ fantasies about having sex with either a female coworker, a female family member (cousin, niece) or a long time female friend.

Am married but have no real sex life, so I have these dreams and masturbate to them.

I don't think it's wrong as long as you don't act on them. I think everyone has someone they fantasise about - most are usually a celebrity/famous person of some kind.

There is an interesting thing to note though is that in dreams you will always see the face of someone you know regardless of if the person is a stranger in your dreams, due to being unable to create a face you've never seen in your sleep. This is why random people can pop into your dreams without actually intending to dream about them.

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Hey Gg!

Bah - nothing wrong at all, my lovely! I totes agree with all PurringTiger says...

I think most of us have a w*nk bank - usually featuring someone we know and really filthy for those time we just can't get off! Stop worrying and enjoy! xx

LadySpider wrote:

Hey Gg!

Bah - nothing wrong at all, my lovely! I totes agree with all PurringTiger says...

I think most of us have a w*nk bank - usually featuring someone we know and really filthy for those time we just can't get off! Stop worrying and enjoy!

Totally agree with this ^

I've had a hell of a lot of saucy dreams lately , some are of people I know but there's nothing wrong with it all . I'd say don't feel guilty , just enjoy them for what they are :)

Me too.

I've had sex dreams about friends, strangers, teachers and stuff - mainly it's people I'm not even attracted to, the situation was just hot in my dream :) I'd say it's all good :)

I have sex dreams and choose sex dreams when wanking and it's usually someone I know and often someone that is way out of bounds and taboo. Helps me enjoy it.

I’m female and often end up a dream of someone I know I shouldn’t, some of them can get very heated and I wake thinking what the hell.

First one I clearly remember was after a night out with work colleagues and chatting to one guy and seeing him in a whole new light, very hard to keep my mouth shut and ever so great full it’s not as Obvious for us ladies that were are turnt on

You can’t be expected to control your dreams. One of my female friends used to have dreams about her OH being unfaithful, then she’d wake up and beat him up like it had happened. That’s not acceptable.

Also, if you shout another mans / woman’s name in your sleep, you can’t really excuse yourself if your OH hears and gets a bit grumpy.

Dreams are so weird sometimes...

We often have sexy dreams about situations we have been in and fantasies. We're confident enough to discuss them. Her sexy dreams are usually a sign she's ready for a visit to our swinger club.

I agree with the previous posts. There is nothing wrong with having a masturbate about someone you know or even a complete stranger. Whatever works is what everyone is searching for.

We all dream many times a night , but do not remember them . I actually had a dream the other night where in the dream I actually had sex . Have you woken up with a ragging erection or a damp pussy and wondered what the hell ? I am guessing we had an erotic dream we can not recall . Years ago my wife and I would wake up having sex and both thanked the other for starting it . Except neither of us remember starting it . I suspect a dream started it . I guess I should research it because I think there are ways to suggest to your sub conscious what you will dream about .Really enjoyed that last dream .

Yes! More than once. I’ve mentioned this in another topic somewhere here on the forum. Atleast a couple of times a month I will have extremely vivid sexual dreams and I will infact cum during these dreams. I wake instantly after climax and I’m soaked. I mean soaked. I cannot explain it, but I know I’ve cum as I can always remember everything about the dream straight after and the feelings I’d experienced - the only thing I can never remember or will ever know is if I’m actually physically stimulating myself and fingering myself when this happens while I’m sleeping. But waking in the night, a shivering soaking mess, I know I’ve had an orgasm. Or as I say, the snoregasm :smile:

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Lucky , I have never had a wet dream . But have awoken with a raging hardon and had to stroke myself to completion . In the summer when I sleep naked with no covers , it would be interesting ( if not scary ) to set up a night vision camera to see what I do in my sleep . Of course the chance of catching myself having a sexual dream would be astronomically low .

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Depending on which study you read , they say the average person has 3 to 5 dreams a night . Usually in your two hours of REM sleep , and you rarely remember those . The ones you remember are normally in the last few hours of sleep . They also said that as your dream is in process your brain will insert faces randomly that you know or have known or seen . So it does not mean you have a thing for the dream person . Of the dreams I can partially remember , they rarely have sexual overtones . Several nights ago I did have a nice dream where a younger hard body me was having a shower with a well built hard body lady . It was a good dream . It got me to remembering many years ago having a shower with my wife or before that with assorted female partners . Does anybody else think a shared shower where your naked bodies all lathered up and washing each other along with caressing and hugging is about the most sensual thing you can do ? Many years since I got to , memories .

I have been waking up absolutely soaking recently and having mad dreams about sexual encounters. My latest one is being restrained to the bed and having three or four men have sex with me while my OH is restrained and made to watch. I would actually love for it to become a reality rather than just a dream


I’ve never orgasmed in my sleep but my wife definitely did a couple of months back.

She didn’t wake up but she definitely came hard.

The next morning she had no memory of it or the dream that caused it but it was certainly interesting to watch it happen