Dressing up in Nurse's Uniform

What can I say - this is the best £80 I have ever spent. I squeeze mt body in to the latex and then I tend to more poor patient (or Dr depending). It makes me wet thinking about the rudies we've got up to in it.
You're going to have a good time full stop with this and I reccomend buying it to anyone who is thinking about it.
It has certianly spiced up my sex life.

I love dressing up. But i think some of the costumes are so crappy i end up making them myself!

school uniform is always a winner.

Recently i have been a busty wench and had my man dressed up as a pirate. Had a great time playing with his cutlass!

I dressed up in some sexy lingerie for my boyfriend for valentines, he loved it, pproper got him going. I kept my stockings, suspenders and stiletto's on for the duration, made me feel so sexy! He dressed up as a fireman for me!

I have a thing about hats, especially any kind of uniform hat.
We have a collection that my boyfriend wears for me on occassion.
There is nothing more sexy than seeing him wearing nothing but his antique military hat from portabello.....the best money I spent on dressing up...there is nohting like the real thing!
Soft cheapie costume hats just dont have the same effect.
Sometimes its worth spending the extra money!

I love costumes and dressing up! lol I have a varied selection and often suprise my man when hes home from work. I certainly would recommend spending that little extra, I find that you get what you pay for and the cheap ones can be more comical then a turn on! lol

"Antique military hat"?! The mind boggles :-) Are we talking tin-pot Dad's Army helmet or something Kaiser Wilhelm might have worn?

Agreed cheap costumes are pointless, the best you can do short of buying a real outfit (army surplus stores often carry ranges in work wear such as firemens stuff etc at reasonable prices if thats your thing). There is nothing like a nice bit of clasy dressing though I find, a tastefull 17th style french corset with no knickers really excites me, I know, I'm a bit of a ponce ;)

I saw an uber-cool air hostess outfit that I loved...unfortuantely my partners mother IS an air hostess...so I think he might be a little freaked out by it :(
In the end I just bought the "mile high club" vanity case that went with it...perfect size for carrying some little "treats and essentials" when I visit him ;)

Dressing up is great fun, although most outfits on sale just look...urgh. My 'school uniform' is a shared favourite of the boyfriend and I, but it wasn't a set -- just separates I bought. A shirt, ridiculously short, pleated skirt, and either thigh high black socks with suspenders, or over the knee stripey ones (whichever takes my fancy!) and one of my old school ties I never threw away. Usually if you just use a bit of imagination and look around you can create much more convincing attire than just getting a packaged costume.

And I, too, adore, old-styled corsets, ~pixie~ (I'm slightly obsessed with them, actually!). I really don't think a woman can feel much sexier than when she's laced into a good quality, attractive corset.

Miss-Nomer Have to admit we (thats Mrs sexybeast and I)(who are ALWAYS here together by the way) blew up your picture to see it more clearly. Is that your real hair? Its beautiful!!
P S we did delete it from the hard drive afterwards as we do ALL the pics we take a close look at. Have to say some of them need the above mentioned camera badly :-)

oops sorry the camera is on the what do you want thread

*smiles* Thank you. Yes, it's my real hair -- it goes down to just above my ass at the back, and down past my ribcage at the front. I'm overly attached to it, and spoil it rotten, to be honest.

Miss Nomer-thank you for your reply, lots of people on here don't bother. I really must say, I would love to have hair that is as beautiful as yours but I have never managed growing it past my shoulders without it splitting and having to have it cut short again! I am trying not to be jealous, honest!!!
sexybeast says reading your entry about dressing up above shows two things about you you're obviously an intelligent and thinking woman and also your man must delight in your company.

I like dressing up as a nurse too (I'm one in real life too!) my boyfriend then dresses up as the doctor and comes and orders the naughty nurse to dildo herself and suck his cock... its great fun my boyfriend thinks I look so fit in a latex nurse uniform. They beat NHS uniforms by a mile ;D

My bf thinks the best thing I wear is my birthday suit!

im currently training as a nurse so i jus wear my real uniform and my casual partner seems 2 love especially wen i add stockings and no underwear to the mix
jus need to pluck up the courage and introduce some toys me thinks i guess im jus worried bout what hes gonna say !!!!!

i loooovvvveeee dressing up it so fun and i spend loads of money buying different costumes including a playboy bunny outfit....but my partner just rips it off me.......

terri86, just start off with small, non-phallic things that he can enjoy, too, and everything should be fine (bullet vibrator, blindfold, feather tickle stick! Stuff like that). Guys will usually only freak about toys if they feel intimidated by them.

hi terri86. my girl and me have just read yur profile and you say you have never tried toys before. maybe we can help you there read our reiviews.

i recently brought a lady chauffer outfit from ann summers, came with hat, gloves, skirt, and mini top ex buy! my bf LUUUUURVES it :)