Dublin sex ? and maybe a cinema

I have read about this place, but a quick google search reveals very little information, I guess the officials" who ever they are are trying to reduce the information about it.

My partner and I are planning a trip down there hopefully in 2 weeks, We would like some suggestions.

If people can recommend a pub or bar preferably with rock music where the women are especially up for anything as we would love a third partner to join us, swinging cubs do exist down there we know that, but where do the swingers hang out or at least those open to alternatives.

I live in Dublin, and as far as I know there aren't any specifically swinger bars. Even if there were, my personal experience of swinging is that the single woman is a precious rare commodity in great demand and often treated poorly, so she is usually reluctant to get it on with strangers. So in my experience, swinging isn't just a case of meeting some woman who is prepared to be slutty for anybody, swinging is more about dating. So in my opinion, a single short visit two weeks from now is unlikely to gain her trust enough to get her to join you in bed.

You would probably have more success if you were looking for another couple. Since most straight men cringe at the thought of another straight man being part of the proceedings, that's another reason why single women are so popular and can afford to pick and choose as they please. If the idea of another couple appeals to you, then I suggest you join swinger sites and see if you can't connect with the swinger scene in Dublin online. I know they do have parties, but I think that gaining their trust sufficiently to be invited to their parties is going to be difficult with the short amount of time you'll have in Dublin.

Despite the popular preconception that swinging is populated with many slutty bisexual women who will open their legs for anybody, my experience of swinging is that it's much more like dating. So you are likely to need good dating skills before you're going to be able to persuade any single woman or couple to get naked with you. Unless you already have connections with swingers in your area who can personally recommend and vouch for you to the swingers in Dublin (and if you did, you'd hardly need to be asking here) I think two weeks is too short a time to successfully accomplish your goal. However if you start now, you may be able to build contacts in time for your next trip to Dublin after this one. I wish you luck.

hi sin ner, where use from? wer a hot cpl in mid 20's up for sum fun