Durex Lube has become too runny

I've got "Durex Play Feel" and "Durex Naturals Gel" lubes and both of them have become quite runny with virtually no gel-like consistancy. They're stored in a drawer at room temperature away from any heat sources. Has anyone else had this problem with Durex lubes? Will all water-based lubes do this in warm weather?

What alternative would you recommend - needs to be vagina, toy and condom friendly!

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Ours went the other way and set hard! We use ID Glide and love it

I've never had much luck with the Durex lubes. One I had used to literally crumble into little flake things. Yuck! The Liquid Silk lube and Lovehoney Enjoy lube are pretty decent, though.

Lovehoney Discover is quite thick and seems to be stable for a long time. It's marketed as an anal lubricant but we use it for everything.

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Never had any problems with it (in fact used some last night that was bought 3 or 4 years ago).

I keep it in a drawer or the bathroom and never seen a change in consistency.

We tried a few lubes and settled on Sliquid natural gel - it is good for sensitive skin, seems to keep well, is available in different sizes and it is thicker than a lot of water based lubes, so ideal women of menopausal age or for anyone experiencing dryness.

I’ve never had that happen to lube, I’ve seen ones in store like that and just figured it’s sat to long.

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We stay well away from Durex lubes as we have never found one that we liked.
This is our go to Lube now https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=35808