DVDs for women

Here's an issue that's been bugging me for a while, I'd really like a proper hard core porn movie, but that's aimed at women. So I actually want to see the men! And for them to be attractive- not Ron Jeremey! I also don't want to see spitting like in most hard core movies (ugh such a turn-off). I'm happy with everything else common in porn movies. So recommendations please! I've heard Anna Span is good, but I'd like to hear what others think. Cheers Imelda x

Yes, Anna Span is widely rated - LoveHoney has an interview with her here: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex/sex-tips/2006/11/16/make-your-own-porn-movie-with-female-porn-director-anna-span/

LoveHoney sells the 18-rated versions of her films - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/tags/anna-span/ - if you want the hardcore R18 films, you'll need to go to a licensed sex shop or buy from a foreign Web site.

Let us know what you buy!

Imelda - have you ever considered looking at any of the gay films out there? Quite a few women I've spoken to find they enjoy watching two guys getting off together just as much as us guys enjoy watching girl-on-girl action! I can recommend one or two very hot films with plenty of male bodies in them if your answer is yes!

Uniform Behaviour by Anna Spam is good and its funny as well.


Ah so there's a difference between the Anna Span stuff that's sold. That explains a lot thanks, coz I've seen a few disappointed reviews that said it was really soft, which put me off. OK I know where I can get the harder stuff i want!

BBG: Trust me two men together is definitely a turn-on. But I really want hetero porn but aimed at women. Gay porn's for men and I have the same disappointment's with it as straight porn for men. However, I'll never say no to a recommendation, so please do let us know what you recommend!

Gay tv is quite gud 4 us women, as long as u don't mind 2 or more men going at it, also sum of the girl on girl action on bsb is cool. I tend 2 get off on that more than the porn films aimed at men.
Yeah Ron J wat the hell was he all about an old fat hairy man eeeeeeeeeeee !!

love to see two men going at it i get wet watching gay porno because i love anal sex also

I'm sooooooo with you about Ron J! I just wish there was hetero porn for women- surely that's not too much to ask? I do like gay porn (both women and men) but I think we need to campaign for hetero porn specifically for women! Hell scenes could include gay porn as well coz we all seem to like that. I really should become a porn director...

I like to see man and woman... and I would love to see a porn film that was more woman friendly, instead of seeing so huge boobed stick thin bay watch babe going at it with a hugely muscley man, I would like to see a bit of a story line... Has anyone seen Ben Dover films??? I saw one with this house wife woman who wanted a bit extra I guess :S she was a gusher but she looked natural and none of the sex seemed forced I liked it quite alot.... althoough i havent liked the other films of his I saw... but you get the idea.

I also like most women(?)prefer M + F on film. Threesomes (either combination) are also a big turn on in my book. I prefer the men to be of natural build....with a cute arse and decently hung without being monster ! The women, I prefer to see with a bit of meat on them (am I being defensive ?)....although I can admit to once getting off watching a cute bimbo blond bouncing up and down on a (discretly out of view) cock! My hubby can get aroused viewing different types of women, size or age is not the deciding factor...just if he find's them sexy or not. The spitting refered to by "imeldaimelda" is I fully agree disgusting but sadly is par for the course esecially in U.S. porn, another point is that first base is always the girl taking cock in her mouth, and a lot of women don't like sucking even though we all (?) enjoy our pussy's being well eaten. I suck my husband because I know he loves it, but I don't do it perhaps as much as he would like because I have to be in the mood to enjoy it. Amateur UK porn is I find the best on offer from my viewpoint because at least the "actors" mostly seem like normal type's shagging for the sheer hell of it! Although these films tend to be only about 15 mins. long and devoid of any story-line....there again if I wanted to watch a good story-line I'd a get a DVD from the local Sunday Car Boot for 50p. !!!!

Always proof read before posting......missed the "p" out in especially.....sorry was'nt taking the P.

I have to agree about UK porn being the best.. the views and angles are the best also in uk porn.. and I think the woman in it seem to be more realistic..*I mean skin like milk bottles, hair not perfect, and the odd spot on the ass :P* hehe..where as in most american porn you have the perfect bay watch babe types all perfectly tanned not a hair out of place and just altogether too perfect... I dont think you are being defensive Lesly I prefer to see a woman that has had a meal also.. dont you just hate the sunk in skeletons some porno's have on ? :S

Going back to my earlier point about almost every porn film being obsessed with cock sucking....am I the odd one out in the fact that I can't stand cum in my mouth ?? I will suck my hubby and enjoy it but the pre-cum stage is when I back off. For years he tried gently to persude me but I just can't do it,it does'nt disgust me or anything like that it's just makes me feel sick in a physical sense...yet every porn film we see seemingly involves a scene of a guy throat f**king a women then shooting in her mouth or over her face. I know hubby would like me to do this if for no other reason than I've never done but.....I am sure I can't be on my own in this ....can I ????

OMG your so not alone with the cum in your mouth YUKKIE we use flavoured condoms so he doesnt have to worry about me puking on him AGAIN ^^ how did I know I didnt like the taste ?? But I have this brilliant amature porno *Ithink its called look at my shaved pussy or something crap like that.* Any way they F*ck lie bunnies he licks her does her all over then cums in her mouth and she smiles like its good but as its cutting off she pulls a face like she is gunna puke :O I laughed so loud at the end of that film I thought I would pee my self!!

Thanks for that Laynie...we are women who enjoy sex and at least you agree with me, I work with several girls who despite only being in their early thirties don't even seem interested in sex anymore ( I had to explain to one, what a vibrating egg was - and she's 38 with 2 kids !! ) maybe we've got better,more loving fella's?? But men, especially young single men must think that "Take it all the way Blow Jobs" are what every girl wants because in every film they do it.

you're not on your own lesleys.My wife does'nt like it at all.I am allowed to cum on her tits, face and mouth are totally off limits, I certainly dont mind. I dont think it's everybody's cup of tea...

I love a guy to come on my tits but not my face or mouth i love giving blow jobs but never take it all the way

Right so in these reply's no women wants cum in her mouth...although I'm sure some must like it ? I would think that most gay guys would enjoy it ??? Which brings me back to my point porn is produced mainly by men for men but ignores the fact that women are also cash customers and their opinions should count for something ?? I don't want to go down the path of degrading women....but anyone who did might well have a good point on this topic. Any women out there who do swallow and enjoy ???

Since the conversation seems to be centered around porn, and the expectations of swallowing a load, I'd like to add my two cents. I dated a girl in HS who swallowed cum like no person I have ever seen. I assume that she must have liked it. Not a drop ever leaked. That led to some pretty unrealitic expectations for me, and it took a few years to understand that. On the other hand ,I have to say that I like to do my part for my wife. The majority of our love making starts with oral sex for her, ending in an orgasm. When I'm pleasuring her I take pride in seeing exactly how small the wet spot on the sheet can be. I love to feel the release of her juices, and the silky feel of her release in my mouth. I try not only to catch every drop, but lick her clean without over stimulating her. I'd like to see a bit of that in porn.

@ Lesley's I know some woman like it because a woman I talk to goes to her ex just to blow him off then she has whants not gone in her mouth with chips :O unless she is talking herself up * shrugs*