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Alrighty, all. I’m wanting to act one something that I’ve been curious about for years at this point, and that’s double vag penetration. My only problem is that I have no idea how to go about this. I only have one dildo, but it’s way too large and firm for a beginner getting introduced to DVP.

So ultimately I’m looking for suggestions on toys that you’ve found are good for it, as well as advice and tips lol


This is something I’d like to try too. We’ve done DP with my OH and a toy which was great. We did try DVP once several years ago but I don’t really remember much about it (we were at uni and I’d probably had a few drinks :woman_facepalming:) I’d love to try again sometime. All I can remember was that we used a small soft vibrating dildo and went really slow. He enjoyed the vibrations and I liked the fullness. I don’t think we did any thrusting though, more just enjoying the fullness / tightness. I’ll be following this to see if anyone has any experiences or suggestions. Hopefully someone more helpful than me will be able to offer some advice! :sweat_smile:


Not tried, but certainly sounds a fantastic idea. Going to have a think about this one. Thanks for the idea :kissing_heart:

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@SpookyB, I was exactly the same as you. To begin with I just started to finger myself while my husband was inside me. Obviously it was seriously tight but felt indescribably good and I was completely in control of how much I wanted to be filled and stretched. Bit by bit I started buying bigger dildos and before I knew it, I could sit on two at once - 3 if I add anal play - and I now often use slimmer dildos alongside my husband :relaxed:


I’d suggest it’s mostly about slowly stretching and practicing most days till you can comfortably take a double dildo.
Perhaps start off with some toys that are specifically for expanding your tolerance :slightly_smiling_face:


Ohhh I may be able to have him do the fingering method so I don’t end up having to turn into a contortionist :joy:

I think my main problem is finding toys that are small and soft enough to be thrown into the mix


Me and my OH actually did this the other week by sheer accident! We had a toy in the front and I was going for the back, mistook my position and ended up in there with the toy!

Fair to say we were both shocked and I quickly removed myself…

But I must say she was very aroused and there was lots of lube involved…

So it’s definitely possible, might have to follow up and see if she enjoyed it and would like to try again :thinking:

Just my 2 cents on the subject :slightly_smiling_face: