Dysautonomia & Sex

Hi everyone!
I was wondering if there are other people here with dysautonomia such as POTS. I am one of the unlucky sufferers and since my condition started getting worse since January (but kind of settled by now with medications and therapies), I have been struggling more than usual sex-wise.
Due to medications, it is a lot harder to finish for me now and the positions are also limited, so finding Lovehoney was really a blessing for both me and my fiancé. What are your recommendations regarding positions, toys, aids and aftercare?
I am grateful for any answers!

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Hi Moki,
I don’t have bad dysautonomia like POTS but know how medications and disabilities can make sex challenging. My tips are slow movements, a sense of humour and pacing. This topic from 2019 may help a little.
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Thank you, I will read through it!

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Hi @GoGirl12! I’m sorry to hear that - I have both of them too. How do you handle it when it comes to the bedroom?

I’ve ordered my first one recently (it is a finger vibrator) and the combination with that with loads of work, I could finish for the first time in 1.5 years! So I am looking into that as toys might also unlock more options that we could do.
I am mostly struggling with the aftermath - I regularly faint or almost faint after. Apart from that I also struggle with getting dizzy during, so if I am in a forward bending cowgirl position (sorry, not sure what the official name is) and then we want to switch to doggy, it is a bit of a challenge not to move at all while he climbs out of under me and goes behind. Does this make sense? It is the stopping that’s the hardest, I have to keep moving, otherwise I can go over and that is a buzz kill.

My main worry behind all this is that I feel awful when I get potsie mid-sex - my fiancé is the best and he takes care of me but I sometimes wish he would just keep going. I know it would make me feel worse physically after but I wouldn’t feel bad about “ruining the moment”.

Would any of the Liberator items help?

I don’t have your conditions but I’ve found my Wedge an enormous help. It just makes every position we’ve tried with it easier.

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Thank you, I will have a look!