Ear nibbling overload?

I find it so sexy and arousing when my oh nibbles on my earlobes, I am louder when he does that than I am when we have sex!
But it's weird as it's like I can't control the noise I make when he does it and after a while I reach a point where I cannot contain the feeling anymore and will either start laughing hysterically or start sobbing (I can control which though and go for laughter!)
What is that?! Does anybody know? It's quite embarrassing! X


An emotional high. Funny how the brain works

i do that too .. i dont know what it is about it but it drives me insane ,, in a good way !

Oh I adore having my neck nuzzled and my ears nibbled. :)
My OH is way too ticklish and won't let me go anywhere near him when he's aroused. (He can just about stomach me kissing that soft patch directly behind his ear but it has to be a quick peck and nothing else involved lol).

I'd honestly never had a good long ear nibbling until recently when it was a task to do in the game monogomy. Wow!! I've been missing out! I had no idea that your ear lobe could be so sensitive, it litrally tingles the right places somehow, how is that even possible? I didn't think it would be so arousing! But it certaintly is! I haven't done it long enought to experience this, but it sounds like euphoria. Amazing!!

I've never done it! Or had it done to me, but it sounds like I am missing out big time.

PinkPolkaDot wrote:

I've never done it! Or had it done to me, but it sounds like I am missing out big time.

Wahhhhh, me too :(

I did have one guy once that was practically eating the side of my neck though...that wasn't very sexual or pleasant at all. haha

Not generally a fan of ear nibbling, somes times nuzzling but if someone kisses or nuzzles the side of my neck or from my hair line down to my should blades it drives me absolutely insane. To the point it gives me jelly legs and sends shivers down my spine. x

I do love it when I am relaxed its very hot indeed

i love ear and neck nibbling although sometimes hubby gets a bit excited and bits slightly too hard and then it isnt so much fun xx

ah i love it, that and being tiggled on the back of the neck, shivers down my spine!