Earthly Body Massage Candles?

I'm trying to work out which earthly body massage candle to buy, but there doesn't seem to be much information as to their smell! I'm thinking I'd like the guavalava, as I'm presuming it would be slightly sweet and fruity but it's difficult to tell!! Has anyone tried the different scents? If so I'd be grateful if you could advise me as to what they're like I tend to prefer slightly sweeter fragrances like orange blossom and jasmin.

I dont know if you can still get these on LH but I have Dreamsicle which is citrusy, not a zingy citrus though, more mellow than that. I also have Skinny Dip which is very sweet and vanilla like, a bit like candy floss and I also have some Naked in the Woods which has (I think) white tea in it and is slightly grassy smelling. Here's their UK site there might be more info on there about ingredients which'll give you a better idea.

My favourite one was discontinued, unfortunately. I do have the Guavalava, but I do find it rather sweet, almost too sweet for me. Its maily fruity smell. But I am not able to identify the main accent.

I did write a review on the Dreamsicle, that one is also bit sweat, the main smell would be oranges with some other fruit tones. Naked in the Wood is ginger with white tea, its very fresh smelling and I guess not everyone would like that scent.

Thought I'd just update this thread with information as to the scents of the various candles incase anyone is in the same boat as I was (I will convert this into some reviews later).

We have 4 of the candles: Guavalava, Polynesia, Dreamsicle and Skinny dip.

Guavalava: my favourite of the 4, and the one we have in the 192g size. It is sweet and very fruity -though may be a little too sweet for some. The smell is complex, predominantly peach and guava I would say but with citrus undertones, lime, mandarin and perhaps a hint of orange blossom

Polynesia: I was going to say this was my least favourite, but actually I've found the smell grows on you over time. It's very floral, as one reviewer put it rather potpourri-like, but more fresh smelling than cloying as it has citrus undertones (lemon I think), and it has a hint of soapy smell to it.

Dreamsicle: My least favourite, but still definitely useable; it smells like orange flavour calpol and the crystallised mix you can get to make "hot orange" with. Quite simple just mandarin and orange with a hint of lime and lemon zest. More useful for a daytime massage I would say as the smell is invigorating.

Skinny Dip: my 2nd favourite of the 4. A cool caramelised vanilla, with a dab of menthol (think the smell of buttermints, only less sweet). This is a fairly rich, sweet and girly scent, so perhaps not suitable for use on your very butch O/H.. my beta male bf is fine with it though ;)

I love the sound of naked in the woods -ginger is one of my favourite scents, along with orange blossom and jasmine- so at some point I'll try to get my hands on it and add my review re scent

Thanks, that's really helpful! Can I ask how hot they are though when burning?

Glad I could be of help! I'd say once blown out they are a few degrees above body temperature - my o/h cannot deal with hot baths and he was fine with them, and really enjoyed the massage I can let you know when I put up the full reviews if you like?

Oh that's not bad, I just wanted confirmation that they weren't too hot :) Yeah, I'll keep an eye out thank you