Easing the gag reflex

Hello, I'd like to know how you do to progressively disable your gag reflex.

My boyfriend and I would love to try what we call "mouthfucking" but everytime we try, I gag in no time and he doesn't have the time to enjoy it.

Now, I am not talking about using a spray or doing the thumb pressure thingy : 3

I want to train progressively, everyday by putting something (like a dildo) in my mouth, to the spot where I start the gag and keep it there until I get used to it and gag no more. Then I'd go deeper and deeper until I eventually can take my boyfriend's whole lenght whithout feeling like gagging at all^^

Do you think that this method is effective ? Any tip and advice is welcome :)

Would be worth a shot! Good tip is to swallow if you feel you are going to gag. Also make sure you keep breathing and stay relaxed. Getting used to the sensation using a dildo seems like it could help with that! You probably can't disable the reflex, but yoy can learn to control it.

I can't really help much more though, I basically don't have a gag reflex...lol...but yeah. Sounds like a good idea to me! Just be careful with the dildo, keep it clean and it should be grand.

Okay :) btw it's a glass dildo so the sensation is quite different^^ I have an other dildo, made with skin-safe rubber but I don't wanna put it in my mouth, doesn't look and smells safe enough^^

I'd recommend one that feels most like a penis tbh, a glass one will be easier to not gag on as it's slim but may cause damage as it's not very forgiving

What do you mean it may cause damage ?

It may cause damage if you are too rough with it and it is very easy to be too rough with glass simply because it is so hard (sounds silly I know but it's true). Our throats are quite easilly damaged, and banging glass into it is a pretty sure fire way of doing yourself damage! And the size/shape general feel won't be the same, as Y&F pointed out. Probably isn't the best tool for the job.

Have you considered flavoured condoms with the flesh like dildo? You are quite correct that you shouldn't really put it in your mouth, but a condom will make it safe!

Yes, everything love birds said, it's too hard to put in your throat and you'll bruise yourself. I'd recommend throughly cleaning anything you put in further than your mouth and the flavoured condoms are a great idea

The skin safe rubber one will be more realistic - and if you dont think it is good enough for your mouth, then surely it is not good enough for anywhere else inside you?

Try a silicone dildo as they will be softer than glass and much easier/hygienic to clean than rubber

Very good point from jj if you don't want it in your mouth you don't want it downstairs either

You have the right idea, but I'd recommend another toy, for sure. I wouldn't trust skin safe rubber. It's too porous. Glass is very hygienic, but could easily cause bruising in your throat.

I learnt with a VixSkin Mustang, a dual layered silicone toy. Soft on the outside, but firmer silicone inside. Tantus O2 dildos have a similar construction.

I started out with fingers then, when I was comfortable at the back of my throat, moved onto toys. I did exactly what you did, just slowly went deeper until I felt comfortable.

Best of luck!

^^^^ great advice, from an expert too 😉

I had no idea this was possible, we have dabbled in some gentle "mouthfucking" but are very careful due to my wifes gag reflex.

Just keep practicing with his penis. And don't get embarassed about the gagging and excess salaiva it causes. It's all part of the experience. Eventually you will barely gag at all.face being face fucked used to do the same to me, infact i have been sick with it in the past but you just power through. Don't give up when you gag, just relax and give it a few seconds and keep going. Still gag occaisionally now and we have been doing it for 6 years but he likes it. If you try to train with a dildo you will gag more, its a different feeling alltogether. A penis will bend down the curve of your throat, a dildo wont. Keeping as relaxed as possible is certainly key too as once he has it doen your throat if he likes to keep it there for a little while you cant breathe and its easy to panic.

I never used to gag, but over the past year(ish) I've started to more and more...I even gag when brushing my teeth sometimes...I think the more I think about it the worse it gets. I also can't give oral sex for long periods of time like I used to, sometimes my jaw is sore after just a few minutes. I have this dildo http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=30708 does it seem like a good one to try and make things better again?