Easy-On Latex (Datex) Merry Widow/Basque Query

As my OH has a love of latex I thought I'd give it a go, but I'm sorry to say the hassle of how to get true latex items on and off really put me off so I looked at the Easy-On Latex/Datex range instead.

I got the "Under Bust Merry Widow" (item 70955) but am struggling with the fit - I've got a short body which probably doesn't help with this type of item anyway, however in general it fits ok except the shoulder straps are too wide for my shoulders and slip off easily and I struggle to do up the back clip.

So I was wondering if the "Basque" (item 70960) might be better? Does anyone have any experience of this item - good or bad. Are the back straps elasticated?

The reaction of my OH to the outfit was fab, but I felt disapointed by the fit. As Datex can be sewn I have got the option of adjusting the shoulders on the Merry Widow and possibly changing the back clip to elastic.

Thank you!

You can get latex garments that have been chlorinated, they’re a lot easier to put on as they have a silkier texture and don’t stick.

I have to say though, the cotelli wetlook range here are absolutely stunning, the catsuits are a dream and this is coming form a latex fan.

Bumping this for the morning crowd.

I don’t have experience with either so I couldn’t say if the other may be better suited although Live Chat may be able to assist with the question regarding the straps :)

Thanks for the 'bump' NatandTom!

Mr Pheeps - Thank you for the info about chlorinating latex which would certainly make it more appealing to me! and I'll have a look at the cotelli range.

Thanks for the info - we had been wondering about this ourselves so thank you for everyone sharing their advice.

Good advice on the Colletti range Mr Pheebs. Latex has intrigued me but was too concerned about the fit and putting the thing on. May be my next purchase.