Eczema/ dermatitis and toys

Sooooo I’m back and I’ve been away a while had a pretty serious operation and then started a new job but I’m back 😊 Anyway I have a question to ask.. has anyone ever suffered eczema/dermatitis from using silicone toys?? Now I only seem to be having a reaction on one hand (obviously the one I hold my toys with) but nothing else other than the common elbows, back of knees and a little on my face it just seems to be worse on my well...dominant hand. And yes my toys are latex free because there is slight possibility I have a mild allergy to latex so I just don’t risk it. I’m off to the doctors next week and hope to get allergy tested but don’t really want to have to bring up this possibility so I just wondered if anyone else had suffered with eczema/dermatitis in a similar way?? Nice to be back on the forums after some time away 😊

Welcome Back K&C!

Good to hear that everything is going well with you :)

I've had eczema since I was born (and had bouts of dermatitis and psoriasis when I was younger) so hopefully I can help a little bit.

I've never had a reaction to silicone and doubt it's the silicone with yourself tbh as if you had an allergy to it on your hand you would be feeling it in the other areas it's coming into contact with too. Do you find you have clammy hands after holding the silicone for a while? There's a chance it could be the perspiration from holding onto something that is not allowing your skin to breath - i.e where it has direct contact with the silicone. Sweat is a common cause of irritation to eczema so just wondering if that could be an issue.

You don't mention where on your hand the outbreaks occur but I'm guessing palm of hand given you have associated it with using toys.

If they are more general all over then it could be a number of things but as a general rule yes your more prominent hand will be more susceptible to outbreaks given that it will be in contact with different varying things more often.

Could it be something that you are coming into contact with at the new work place that you didn't have contact with before?

I'm guessing you've ruled out all the usual factors that it could be - any changes in shampoo/conditioner/bodywash etc washing up liqiud, clothes detergent (if hand washing) Anything that your hand would be in contact with more than the other (even if you use both hands for washing hair for example, you will naturally use your dominant hand more).

Hope you figure it out soon though as I know how annoying random outbreaks can be!

PT x

Hey PT and thank you ☺️ I had considered that but I’m in construction and I wear gloves and the whole lot to stop contact with any hazardous materials I was thinking it could be my gloves but I have patches starting up on my legs 🙈 Yep I’ve already ruled out shampoos, detergent and the like but I hadn’t considered clammy hands I guess it would make sense that it could make it worse but I’m certain there’s an underlying problem...been to the docs and all they’ve given me (as usual) is a whole lot more creams 😑 Now my issue is how to stop my hands getting clammy when I’m holding my toys Thanks for the help! ☺️ Xx