Edging techniques

What are some good techniques and/or toys for edging?


Everyone’s different, it’s about finding what works for you. Personally I find my hand easiest as I have the most control, with that said I do enjoy my fleshlight - just takes a little practice to not tip over.

For my partner it’s easier for her if im in control of her edging and we use a wand vibrator and restraints.


I prefer to use my hand until im really close then stop. I sometimes use a mains powered wand but after four or five times of getting close and then stopping i usually lose control and cum.

Love edging with Mrs H. I find anal toys are brilliant for me although not so much in my earlier days of anal play. Also love it when she uses a wand on me and then stops, especially if I’m tied up. That said I agree that you can’t beat a hand :grin:

Easy way for me to stop from tipping over is to think of something extremely tragic (death of the dog, car accident, being freezing cold, etc.) It takes my mind off things immediately.
If I am edged and think about anything sexual or get a visual on the matter at hand, I immediately lose control.

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Fap instructor is a great online edging tool with loads of cool parameters and ability to build your own custom slide show from your new favourite NSFW reddit pages.

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A stroker might be ideal for this maybe :thinking:

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