Edging tonight, any tips?

Tonight the misses is on a night shift and I am extremely horny and frustrated as not had any happy endings for over a week now so I thought tonight would be a great time to try edging!

How do men normally do it? I am quite good at listening and knowing my body and when to stop before no return. Do people watch porn while doing it as this tends to make a session a short one for me? Any tips or tricks would be good thanks!

I’ll let you know how I get on later!

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I edge all the time. For me I just try and stay hard for as long as possible whilst playing with both my balls and shaft. The longer you edge the more insane the orgasm will be.

I normally find some compilation porn or something that is long and just relax.

That’s a good idea, thanks! Will try this!

Maybe a cock ring to keep hard too! I’ll avoid the vibrations as that will more than likely take you over!

100%, I would avoid vibrations as they can bring on the orgasm quicker.

Yeah if you have a cock ring use it but as long as you are keeping stimulated you should be fine.

I normally edge for 2 or 3 hours and honestly the orgasm is epic!

Not a man, but have edged men before. If its your first time trying then I would suggest removing all other stimulus initially - one of the best things about edging is exploring and getting to know your body. Focus on what you’re feeling as you get to that stage in between pleasure and orgasm and how your body responds when you stop. Once you’ve done it a few times, you could then introduce porn/toys if you wish.

I’ve found it works best when stopping as close to possible as when you’re about to orgasm so try and really push yourself to your max - this may take some practice (and self control) when doing it solo, and so please don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work out first few tries - it’s all about trial and error! I usually go to point of just before orgasm, wait about 30 seconds (ish - depends on person) before starting again, then repeat several times until on the brink of explosion and allow the orgasm :boom:

Some people don’t require stopping at all and just need to slow, others need a few seconds, others need a good 30 seconds before starting again so this will be down to what feels right for you.

Most importantly, enjoy it and have fun!


So tonight was fun, like I said in the first post, has been a while, and so within minutes I was ready! But self control, and some very near miss fires, I managed about 20/30 mins of it!
It felt great, the tension, the build up, not to mention the explosion of an orgasm! I mean I haven’t had an orgasm like that in a very very long time!

I managed to record the ending and sent it to misses at work! I hope she liked it! I’m just glad the explosions did not get me in the face, they came out with some power behind each one!

Thanks for your tips everyone! Much appreciated!


Yay, so glad it was a success @SexyCouple91! Would definitely recommend trying to encorporate it into partnered sex too if it’s something you want. It takes a lot of good communication but results can be wonderful!

Good to hear a happy ending :rofl:

Absolutely agree! My OH hates edging, it really ruins her orgasm. She gets to the edge, I stop, and it takes her ages and ages to get back. Really ruins it for her so I do avoid doing this for her.

Very good advice, that’s what I’m doing. I like just lying on my back in bed, actually with the ceiling lights turned up quite bright. Like the white light of nirvana I suppose. :drooling_face: