Ejaculation problems

Hi im currently taking sertaline for anxiety and its causing delayed ejaculation. I out last my partner and sometimes dont ejaculate at all. Does anyone havevany advice please

I’m on heart pills and high blood pressure and I find it very difficult to ejaculate. It really does effect my mental health and get very down because of it.

Hi @Super_spice_man, have you spoken to your doctor about this? There are other meds (including SSRIs ie the same type as sertraline) that don’t have such a strong effect on sexual fuction. It might be that you could switch to a different one quite easily and solve the problem that way. If not, you could try increasing stimulation for example try using a wand or bullet vibrator against your penis or perineum. You could try edging for a while before having sex so you are already part way there - either masturbating (without orgasming) before sex or asking your partner to spend more time on you before penetration. Good luck and I hope you work it out and your anxiety is feeling better soon.


Hello thank you for your help. I will try these. Thank you :blush: :heartbeat:

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My boyfriend has been on paroxetine, another SSRI, for a couple of years now for anxiety too. He has found exactly the same in that he can go for a very long time and most often does still not ejaculate. This seemed to happen around 3-4 months after he started on them and has continued since.

In some ways it has been good for our sex life as he used to cum too quickly normally and now he lasts as long as needed. I’ve asked him a few times and he says he doesn’t actually feel sexually frustrated from not cumming now so if it doesn’t both me he is fine with it. Probably connected also is that he says he really doesn’t get any urge to masturbate at all now. We have discussed with the doctor in the first year and they said unless it is causing a problem for him then not to change anything and it is somewhat of a normal side effect.

A wand vibrator is a good idea and should work if you are really wanting to ejaculate and has worked for my boyfriend so we can recommend this.

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Hi @Super_spice_man
Unfortunately this is a common side effect of Sertraline
Only way is to lower dose / ween yourself off them or speak to your doctor and see if they can offer a suitable alternative to the Sertraline but with less side effects.

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Thank you for your advice :blush:

Thank you for your help :blush:

@SexySmoggy @newbiejen We found exactly the same as you have mentioned when my hubby went on Sertraline and doctors said these were common side effects. There was definitely bit of a change when he started on 50mg and he was taking a longer to cum initially, but once he was up to 100mg after about 6 months he usually didn’t cum at all. It wasn’t long after this that he told me that he hadn’t needed a wank for months, and this was not usual for him. A reduction in dosage should probably help or switch to other SSRI.

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I can assure you that you are not alone and these side effects are very common. I was on sertraline for a couple of years before tapering off and had all of the same side effects as others have mentioned above. Different medication or different dosage could help or a vibrator for extra stimulation.

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