Email offers

Been a while (about a year) since I was here but before I used to get emails with really good offers but not had one in ages, have lovehoney stopped these email offers? I still get the daily email with deal of the day!

Hello and welcome back 🙂

They still send out special offers emails as well as the Deal of the Day ones, but there's a glitch where some people just don't receive them. There hasn't been a really great offer for quite some time, but there's ones for 10% or 20% off each week (but the Unlimited discount is 25% off £40+, so they're a little redundant). If I get one I share it in the Special Offers thread (though I'm less likely to if it's not as good as the Unlimited discount, but if I know people would find them useful I don't mind popping them in there too👍)

Hope this helps. 🙂👍

Nice one, thanks

I still get emails everyday, but none have really caught my eye in a while. Come to think of it, I haven't seen one of those "get £X off £X amount" in ages. How I miss the days of get £20 off £40 or the deals like it.

I've just checked, I'm subscribed for emails but haven't had any for a year.