Erection angle

From the OH; Ok guys, when you’re really hard, does your erection point way up? Al’s penis just about touches his belly when he’s hard.

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If standing up, then it ranges from anyway between horizontal to circa 45 degrees upwards, I think it was in my late 20’s when it was last tight against my stomach.

At 45% it is the perfect angle for the OH to ride it cowgirl style.

I forgot where, but there’s actually statistical charts of how prevalent different angles and curves are in the general population. A stat I found on google from a Quora question shows the following stats:

  • 0–30 degrees — 4.9 percent of men (pointing straight up against belly up to 30 degrees away from belly)
  • 30–60 degrees — 29.6 percent of men
  • 60–85 degrees — 30.9 percent of men
  • 85–95 degrees — 9.9 percent of men (90 degrees would be directly forward, no curve)
  • 95–120 degrees — 19.8 percent of men
  • 120–180 degrees — 4.9 percent of men (180 degrees would be directly downwards)

So while most men point forward or slightly up, any other angle isn’t too unusual.

(i don’t know the methodology or the original source but I remember reading a study years and years ago that had similar stats)


Yes my erection is the same

Where do you find a protractor these days?


As with breasts, I’m sure that gravity is an influence on penis angle over time. :joy:

I can’t remember where i heard it, but this sticks in my mind… “The angle of the dangle is equal to the size of the prize”
Not sure if it was Socrates or Archimedes who came up with that formula! :rofl:


I’d say it ranges differently for each man and depending on size, shape… mine tends to point straight out unless in my pants then it goes up lol

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We were at a nude area in TX last year and saw a guy who was HUNG. He had at least 8" that went out straight, not UP at all. Probably too heavy. OH said he’d never get near her. LOL

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Portable towel rail :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I read it was a tendon or ligament that makes it point upwards

I wonder if it’s hereditary? I’ve seen my nephew naked with an erection - brothers son - almost straight up too.

Was with someone who was huge and it hung down his leg and when erect still hung down his leg but even thicker and longer…I think it was just way too heavy to gravitate upwards. He was only 7 stone soaking wet too…

When wearing shorts he had to wear Bermuda knee length shorts and he couldn’t get any boxers to contain his package either.

(Sex was too painful couldn’t have it in any of my favourite positions…and I used to bleed sometimes)

Another one when erect used to be straight upwards against his skin all the way up to his navel…

And several other angles inbetween…
They all worked.


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Below 90 degrees, pointing downward. Of course mine is just a really large clit, but since I’m in my boy form, it counts, right? No way to tuck something up or down when its only 2 inches long, so its pretty noticeable through underwear.

When I was 18

Now anything north of Australia is a Brucie Bonus :joy: