Erection Pills

Kamagra £1 each:)

Would anyone actually WANT to eat dodgy pills from someone they don't know and that could contain any sort of drugs or chemicals?

Call me square, but there are better ways to get an erection than risk your health. On the other hand, death is one way to make yourself stiff I suppose :-P

Never used em, never will.

My husband uses Extagen when it is necessary. It helps him. He orders it through the web. We buy many products through the web. It saves our time.

Bath-Bi-Guy I love your sense of humour in a big way but thats as far as we will ever get. He He
I have to say in sincerity which is rare for us that I have and do still regularly use Golden Root capsules on a regular basis.
The reason being. I have peroynes disease which leaves one with a condition that leeches blood from the penis. This leaves a medical condition well known as "where has my cock gone" lol
I find by using herbals such as Golden Root or Venicon coupled with a good quality cock ring. (it stops the leeching) I have found I have overcome the thing the medical men in this world have failed to deal with. (Others please take note) Its not who you know but what you know that count in this perverse world of giving your best.
I Know you have what you need and glad for you, but don't take it for granted. I've ended up with more volume than I ever had before and a big sexy smiling wife. HO HO HO.

I think it's better to use supplements like Extagen or others because substances they consists of are in correct proportion. Using herbs can be named “autotherapy”. It’s not safe.