Eroscillator vs. electric toothbrush

I know the Hitachi is kind of legendary, but it's not the right toy for me. Too broad in stimulation, too low frequency. What I use most often is actually an electric toothbrush with an altered head. It's a precision tool compared to a Hitachi.

The toothbrush toy is getting old - battery doesn't hold as much charge and it's getting noisy, so I'm thinking about replacing it. And I keep hearing about the Eroscillator. Now that is an order of magnitude more expensive than I'd normally consider, but okay.. I'm thinking about it.

Is there anybody who has tried it who can say anything about how different it is from a very high frequency vibrating toy like a toothbrush? I tend to use some pressure and grind my clit against the underlying bone - the bone transmits the vibration and that is what gets me off. Is the Eroscillator significantly different than something like a toothbrush? Significantly better?

I've never tried the Eroscillator, nor have I used an electric toothbrush so I'm not really sure how much help I can be.

There seems to be some fantastic reviews on the Eroscillator in regards to it's power and how quiet it is; you can have a read through some of them and they may be able to help you with the decision.

Also keep in mind that LH does have an amazing returns policy if you didn't get a long with the toy for any reason you are able to return it for a full refund. Which is great for when you're not too sure if something will work for you and it's expensive.

Thanks for the advice. I was kind of set on getting it anyway but I've just discovered a big savings goal further on the horizon, so I'll get a new toothbrush to go with the tingletip and keep the Eroscilliator on the 'keep dreaming' list.

You might find this hepful , it's on my "keep dreaming" list too..