Erotic reading with a twist!

Hi all!

I stumbled upon something today which I found really interesting and erotic so I thought I might share them with yourselves.

A collection of videos of people reading aloud whilst being pleasured under the table (out of sight).

Ive only watched this one, but loved it, straight in the erotica bookmarks for me!

Let me know what you all think!


a cracking bit of bed time reading there !

Ah yes, the Hysterical Literature series. Very enjoyable.

I wonder what the person under the table puts on their CV.

I was wondering exactly what was going on down there? Looking forwards to watching a few more later!

@J&Z They're being worked over with a Hitachi. Stoya mentioned it in an interview.

This sounds interesting, will be checking this out with the OH.
Is that Stoya as in the fleshlight Stoya or am I just being silly?

Yes, Fleshlight Stoya. :)