Ever torn your frenulum?

Hi, I was just wondering if any of you guys out there have ever torn your frenulum during sex etc before?

A few hours ago me and my boyfriend were having particularly vigorous sex and he thrust a little too hard and slightly off center and ripped his frenulum completely in half. There was A LOT of blood, I'd say half a pint at least, to the point where he almost passed out twice (and he literally isn't fazed by anything). The bleeding stopped within 15-20 minutes or so but I thought he should probably go to the hospital or at least to his GP in the morning but he's saying no.

Any men speaking from experience know if it'll heal okay without medical help? And any guess how long before we can have sex again?


I think he should go to the doctors, although there probably weren't as much blood as you think, it spreads so much and looks like more, but there's so many nerve endings there it's best to get some advice, and deffinately wait till it heals before having sex, and keep it seriously clean, so just for advice on when you can have and how to keep it clean I'd go to the doctors, although a guy may tell you different. If you tore your clitoris what would you do?

doctors asap

So I checked the internet just incase, it will heal on it's own probably but depending on the tear it'll either become less or more likely to happen again, so he should go to his doctors just to see but it seems there's no eminent danger

Mr Scorpius agrees that your boyfriend should go to the Dr's, and it will probably take a few weeks to heal completely. Hope he gets on ok :) x

My ex boyfirends broke... twice.

The first time we called the doctors and they just said keep it clean and leave it to heal. Althouh it does halt sex for a few weeks if i remember correctly.

The second time it may have healed badly or still not been quite healed but this time we went in and the doctor had a quick look to check there was nothing physiologically wrong with it that would require any treatment. there wasn't it was just bad luck or whatever so we just left it to heal (for longer that time ) and it was fine.

My point is everyone seems to be saying "rush him to a doctors" but actually theres not really anything they can or will do if it's just happened once.

I did this in my yoof. Being a yoof I didn't tell no one about it. It bled on and off for a couple of weeks. It hurt to wee. A lot. Now, 20 years on I'm perfectly normal...

Perfectly understandable he is embarrassed and doesn't want to whip it out in the doctors, but sometimes it's worth a check. Make sure he carefully washes or at least rinses it after weeing. It is a common misconception that urine is sterile, which it is up until leaving the bladder, but there is often bacteria in the urethra and the external parts of the genitals, worth it just to make sure he doesn't get an infection.

Happened my ex twice. It looks like a look of blood but it's not really. He was advised to keep it clean and avoid sex and masterbation for two weeks. Adays after it happened he go a hard on and it obviously caused the wound to open up a little and he bleed a little more. So try to get him to avoid anything that would make him excitable. And just make sure when you do return to sexually activities that you maybe for go as hard at it for a few weeks.

Can I just please be the first to say...


I've done it. I spoke to the doctor on the phone and he told me just to let it heal on its own. If it tears, its likely that it was too tight in the first place. Tearing it effectively removes the need for medical circumision. I used some E45 cream on it and left it to heal for a few days just being very careful.

Ripped mine during a drunken session, was so drunk I didn't feel it but remember thinking "wow she is so wet!" --- turns out it was me bleeding. Even went to the wc to clean up thinking at first she had been on her period but when it kept coming I realised. Went to the doctors and she said it will just heal up on its own :)

I ripped mine during one of the first times I had sex, I lost more blood than I'd care to realise. It doesn't take too long to heal but he'll be very sore for a short while.

Somehow my OH wasn't fazed at all, dispite me filling her up with blood.. I still feel guilty about that and it was probably 2 years ago now. :P

This happened to my partner the night I lost my virginity ![](upload://kym5tZ5EfyJxs6TKHB1Q2HtGSpK.gif) I wasn't bothered by the blood (which there was a LOT of) as I expected to bleed myself but I was mortified when he blamed me for the tear.

He was a bit of a whore and it hadn't ever happened to him before so he said it must have been something my girly parts had caused. I was terrified of sex for a while after that but not long after he was healed his persistence for me to join him in bed paid off and it didn't happen to him again. As far as I can recall he didn't bother with the docs, it just healed on it's own :)