Do you ever fantasise about having 3sums or more with your partner? Straight,gay,bi fantasies?


Yes, I think a lot of people do.
We often talk about stuff when we’re getting in the mood, just make you a whole lot hornier.
Now, I don’t know but I think that it’s best that these thoughts just stay a fantasy though.


Yeah I think it’s probably for the best to stay a fantasy. It makes us so horny I think me more than her!

Yes would love a 3some two women and me lol most blokes fantasy probably. When I was with my ex we had it planned with one of her friends but unfortunately the relationship ended before we got round to it :cry:.

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I love the thought of me on bottom with her riding me with a cock in her mouth and one in each hand. Then she puts each of them in my mouth to help her. So hot!

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Myself and partner do that too! Such a turn on. I think we should just keep them as dirty thoughts.

Myself and @FoxyLea87 are planning on having a mmf bi threesome as soon as current lockdown allows us, we often talk about it when we are getting in the mood, makes us both very horny



Sometimes when she’s pegging me I fantasise about a real penis but even in my fantasies it would still have to be attached to her.


We often talk about the having another guy join us in the bedroom. It’s something that we talk about whilst we are playing and seems to get my OH very horny. We like the idea of a very well endowed guy joining and both of us enjoying him together. She loves the fantasy.


My ex had a threesome with her then boyfriend and a mutual friend who they both liked.
It turned out to be a absolute nightmare; he was more into the friend and my ex ended up feeling really hurt, abused and lonely afterwards.
If planning a threesome in real life I would always recommend finding someone completely independent to ensure you both get to control who gets what done by who during the action.


100%, don’t want there to be any bad blood/comeback once the deed has been done.

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We fantasise about a threesome but we both agree that it has relationship risks so wouldn’t try it. We instead use a suction cup dildo so my wife can’t experience a ‘spit rosey’ as seen in porn. It’s good as an experience goes, especially if a threesome porn video is playing on the TV at the same time.


Yes I absolutely love group sex.

I am 19 years old and have already had 2 threesomes and a foursome.

I do play on attending an orgy with a couple of my girlfriends when corona decides to F*ck off.

I am also quite interested in the Nights of st Francis event

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Sounds good @Sophie01 wish I was 19 again! I’d certainly try and have threesomes and foursomes!

Definitely would love would love to try an irgy too.

Since the question did not specify which type of threesome - FMF (menage a trois) or MFM (troika) - why are peoples attitudes different to each type of threesome?

A man may be enthusiastic about FMF but not too keen about MFM, even though he may watch this type of porn.
A lady, however, may be enthusiastic about both types, but does not want to freak out her husband by saying so.

Notice how these concerns become less important as you grow older. The down-side is that the man is losing his performance, but the lady is reaching her peak, hence the phenomena of ‘cuckolding’.

Which is easier, blaming your partner for not fulfilling a joint fantasy, or forgiving them if it doesn’t go to plan? I had a ginger work colleague who wouldn’t visit Spain because he heard that Gypsies steal red-headed children. By denying his family the pleasure of visiting a popular holiday destination, he was demonstrating that he was a responsible and caring parent.

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